Problems w/Kohler Memoirs Toilet

suebotNovember 25, 2010

Does anyone have or had the Kohler Memoirs Classic Elongated 2 Piece Toilet. I had one installed yesterday and the flushing is not right. This toilet does not have "a flapper". It has a different type of stopper. When you flush it it almost sounds as if it was clogged but the water in the bowl does get siphoned out. There isn't much water in the bowl either. This is 1.6 gallon toilet. I am not happy and every part is installed as the instructions say. Can anyone shed any light on this problem? Also, if I need to replace this toilet what would you suggest; nothing modern looking.



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Hmm, I have one and have not been happy with it. It simply does not "clean" the bowl. I frequently have to reach in with a tissue and clean off the remains. Sorry, but there's no other way to describe it! However, there has been no clogging.

As far as the sound, it does sound different from my ancient toilet, but I got used to that quickly. There is only about half as much water in the bowl as my old toilet. This means that the "matter" sometimes does not land in the water, and that's a problem. Again, sorry, sorry, sorry for the visual!

I have seriously thought about replacing it but I don't have a suggestion for a better model.

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We have two older Memoirs that were installed in 2007. I think they have changed the flushing mechanisms since then because it looks like ours do have a flapper. We don't have any problems with clogging, but we have the "outhouse" effect you describe above. I don't know if this is specific to low-flow toilets or just this specific model. Of course, if you have to flush multiple times it negates the water savings.

Good luck.

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Reading on this forum about issues others had with their recent-vintage Kohler toilets, I eventually switched my plan to get a Kohler and decided to get a Toto. (Well, two, actually, after the tried one in our guest bath remodel and liked it so much we decided to get another for our master bath remodel.) In particular, the Toto models with their "double cyclone" flushing system do a particularly good job of cleaning the bowl. I've been amazed that the 1.28 gallon models flush perfectly and clean the bowl better than our 1.6 gallon Kohler. We have the Carlyle II model, which you may find a little "too modern", but there are other Toto toilets with different styles that have the same innards.

-- Eric

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If you want more of a flush, hold the lever down longer.

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Since this has been bumped back up, I will mention that i had the same problem as the OP. Take the lid off the tank and look for a narrow white tube. Stick it back in the hole in the top of the cylinder and that will solve the problem.

Holding the lever down longer won't help.

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