Need advice re how to clean acrylic bathtub

kaysdNovember 21, 2011

We replaced the old 60"x20" tub in our guest bath with the Kohler Expanse. It is a tub/shower combo, and it is so much nicer showering in the curved Expanse tub with a curved curtain rod. It doesn't feel at all confining like other tab/showers I have used in the past. That's the good part. The downside is that I do not know how to properly clean an acrylic tub without scratching it.

I am used to enameled tubs that I can scrub clean with Soft Scrub. I have tried a couple spray cleaners that claim they are safe for acrylic surfaces, but they just don't get the tub sparkling white. I feel like the tub always looks grimy. There is a ring around the bottom of the tub. The tub also has a textured bottom surface, I assume to prevent slipping, but the texture seems to hold dirt. I would appreciate any tips on how to clean acrylic tubs.

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Dawn dishwashing liquid will dissolve pretty much any soap scum residue. Switch to liquid soaps for less residue. And if you have hard water stains, get a softener.

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Here's Kohler list of suggested products for acrylic:

Here is a link that might be useful: How to clean Kohler acrylic

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I find it best to put cleanser, like comet or some other type of powder cleanser. Pour it all over and let it sit a little while and then scrub with a sponge and a little water. Let me know what ends up working!

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Do NOT use any high-abrasive cleaner like Comet! Acrylic has a fairly thin high-gloss top layer that is easily damaged by the wrong cleaners. Damage that topcoat and it will never look clean again for more than the time it takes to shower once (ask me how I know, LOL). It's a very brittle material and care should be used in handling it.

All mfgs have a list of recommended cleaners for their products. Use those, and don't use anything else.

I have noticed that the anti-skid surfacing mandated by the Fed government, on many tubs/shower surfaces, is just a thin plastic film which catches dirt, as you have found. We specifically purchased a tan granite-pattern showerpan to hide this tendency for the floor to darken, but found that the material we chose has an integral non-skid finish, so is easier to clean.

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Thank you all for the recommendations. Silly me, I didn't even think to check the Kohler website.

Live Wire Oak, I guess I get to tell DH his beloved bar soap has to go. The girls and I all use a natural liquid soap (California Baby Tea Tree and Lavender Shampoo and Bodywash -- love it.)

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Two words - Magic Eraser.

Seriously, those things clean off smooth surfaces better than any cleaner.

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I have one simple way,please try :

After using for a long time,Docking products has the possibility of that will be yellowing, discoloration , simple treatment as below :
1.Use No.2000 water sandpaper polish on the yellow parts , polishing to a smooth surface and yellow disappears.
2 coated with toothpaste in polished place, then dry with a soft cloth.
3. After using the provided polishing wax polishing, then use a soft cloth to rub on wax polished.

Hope this way can help you to solve the problem,if you have any problem,please let me know.

Here is a link that might be useful: that Home Site!

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