Microwave Repairable?

chisueOctober 27, 2012

The GE OTR microwave we installed in our vacation rental condo in 2000 has stopped heating the food. The power is on. The turntable turns. It's not heating the food.

Do we attempt a repair or install a new GE? It will be about $400 for the item with delivery, installation and disposal. (Part of the cost is because this is on Maui -- everything is more there.)

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Sophie Wheeler

I'd bet the repair call is $100, even before you start adding parts. Just to show up. Add in the $90 for a new magnatron, and you are more than halfway to the price of a new OTR.

You can buy a new OTR for less than than $400, even on Maui. And it is SUPER simple to install if you've got any strength at all and a friend to help, so you don't need to pay an install.

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GE often warrants the magnetrons in their MWs for 10 years, but you're beyond that.

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If you can find a new microwave that fits in the available space the way you want it, that is the best way to go.

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