Tile front for small bathtub

andydad123November 1, 2011

We have a 5' wide guest bath which we are in the process of redoing. The current bath tub (approx 30" x 60") sits in a 3-wall alcove. Since this is a shower over tub configuration, we would prefer an apron front tub (we read abt leakage issues with a shower over a drop-in). So now we are wondering if there is way to get a tile front for our new tub. Any ideas? To get the look we want, is it possible to tile the front of an apron front like Kohler Archer? Or is that just a silly idea?

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You would be better off getting a drop in tub if this what you want to do. An acrylic tub will have much too much flex in it to make a suitable vehicle for tile.

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I went down this path becasue I wanted a cabinet panel front tub that was also to be used as a shower. Options are limited, because I learned on this forum that a tile flange is a must.

I personally ended up back at the Kohler memoirs Cast Iron Alcove tub and gave up the idea of the panel front. But have a look at the American Standard Studio Pool tub with tile flange. It is designed to have a frame built around it to which you could install tile. It is deep, which is what I was looking for, but you may not be.

FWIW, I was on the phone for a long time with Kohler representatives who confirmed my online research that they did not have a good standard sized option with tile flange and no apron.

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Looks like Kohler hourglass with integral flange is an option. Any yeas/nays for it?

Here is a link that might be useful: Kohler hourglass

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I thought this ( the hourglass) was intended for an alcove installation , with a tiled front panel, if desired. Am I wrong in this ?

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Kohler and American Standard are not the only plumbing fixture suppliers out there. I did not want an apron front tub in my bath remodel either. I bought a Bain Basa bathtub. Bain and Jason bathtubs both have standard size drop in tubs with integrated tile flanges. Both bathtubs are available as left or right drain, optional air, optional lights, etc..
As for an acrylic tub having to much "flex" for tile... maybe some of the cheap ones, but not the one I bought. It is solid as a rock.
Look for other manufacturers. You already have two different ones to start with. Bain bathtubs, and Jason bathtubs.

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We're planing on tiling too. We are considering the Hydro Systems Regan Drop In tub.

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I thought the Archer also came without an apron and you could buy the tile flange, no? That way you could frame it, tile it, make sure no leakage, etc....I am looking to do the same thing, and was between the duravit starck and kohler archer. I had searched Houzz and the Archer came up several times with models shown with tile front or wood panel front, alcove installations.

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Yes, that is the drop in version of the Archer, not the alcove version. There are many drop in tubs, but by the time you add in the space necessary for the framing, they're not often comfortable as replacements in a standard five foot alcove.

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Sorry if this question sounds stupid...just overwhelmed with the products out there and haven't a clue where or what to start with...

Planning a a bathroom renovation.
I have an alcove shower tub.

Is there a special alcove 3 sided flange tub that I need to buy that would allow the front to be tiled?
What is an apron?

I posted a link to a tub - look that I want instead of looking at a basic tub front

Here is a link that might be useful:

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Hi cruzinpattis. There are two different things you are looking for.

1) Tile Flange - This is for tubs in an alcove install, and is basically a lip that extends around the 3 sides of the tub so that the tile sits on the tub and helps with water not getting behind the tub wall. Tile flanges can come integrated into the tub, factory installed onto the tub or in a kit you do yourself. Obviously the integrated flange is the best of these options.

2) The apron is the front of the tub. Also called a skirt. This is what they call the "basic tub front" you reference. The tub in your picture is an apron-less tub. With non-apron tubs you have to install a tile or wood front.

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