Vintage Sidelights

elizawhyzaSeptember 7, 2012

We are planning to use two of these windows as sidelights to go on either side of our front door.

We're leaning towards a four-panel two over two fir door, 3'0" by 7'0". More work than fiberglass, but we love the look. The door will be under a porch, so will get some protection.

Any opinions on going with fir versus other woods, or fiberglass?

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gorgeous! how about african mahogany?

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Fiberglass at least allows for some insulation. A solid wood door might have an R 2 insulating value. Add in those R 0 sidelights, and you've got a pretty big hole in your R 21 wall's thermal envelope. You should at least do storm windows over the skylights, and as I mentioned, the fiberglass door. If you live in a truly cold climate, you may want to consider doing a vestibule with a second better insulated door to keep out the weather better.

Here is a link that might be useful: Door Selection Information

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Mahogany would be beautiful if we go with a wood look versus paint. Good points on the R value, though. R 0 might be too generous a term to rate the sidelights. Storm windows are an excellent idea. we aren't opposed to fiberglass as a material, but the detail on the panels is not as crisp as I would like. I will look for some fiberglass door manufacturers with authentic panel designs.


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we are doing mahogany, but painting it. everyone here says mahogany holds up better to exposure, which is why we chose it even though it will be painted.
storm windows in front of those gorgeous side lites will cause them to lose their effect, though it does make sense from a practical standpoint. we are doing a vestibule, can you add one too?

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