Distance From Shower Valve to Head

rant2112November 15, 2013

We are remodeling our bathroom and I want to use a Moen ioDigital controller and valve.

The issue I'm wondering about is that the only place to install the valve where it can be accessed from behind is 8 or 10 feet away from where we want to install the shower head.

Is this a problem? Is it OK for the shower head to be that far away from the valve?


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Babka NorCal 9b

We were told by our bathroom designers that we could put the controls (valve) on one wall and the head on another, as long as the wall thickness was wide enough to allow for the piping. You want to be able to reach in and turn on the water w/o getting wet. Then stick a hand under the water to make sure it is up to temp before you step in.

Our newer shower has to run for about a minute (at 2.5gpm) before the hot water gets there in one bathroom, while it is almost instant in another (higher gpm because it is an old un-regulated shower). Depends on the distance from the water heater for us. No one wants to step under cold water (well, most folks). Mine runs for about a minute and a half before I get in, and the whole area is warm....including the floor. Good.


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Babka NorCal 9b

Duplicate post. Sorry. ;-(


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