boot order change in BIOS

iris_galSeptember 13, 2010

I made a persistent USB device (Ubunto) and want to change the boot order on my notebook. But I don't understand the warning about the ! items. If I move ! USB Floppy to the top position am I going to be unable to boot? Don't understand what is meant by USB Diskette on key/USB Hard Disk either. Win7-64bit

Boot Order in my BIOS:

Notebook Hard Drive

Internal CD/DVD ROM Drive

USB Diskette on key/USB Hard Disk

! USB Floppy

! Network Adapter

The boot capability will

be disabled if the

Device with the

exclamation mark.

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Just move the USB hard drive to the top of the list. You probably don't have a floppy drive or bootable network card.

Even if you make a mistake you'll be able to change it back.

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What the whole thing means, is right now, when the computer boots, it goes to the HD which is at the top of the list and where your Operating system is...when you change the order of the boot ie to USB floppy, that goes to the top of the list and the computer is looking there for an operating system. If there isnt one present, it wont boot until you go back into the BIOS and put it back to the HD at the top of the list..Hope that made sense

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Thanks, it does make sense. Now I'll have the courage to try it.

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