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meanmom08November 29, 2013

I should probably put this in the plumbing section, but thought I'd try here first. The vanity I'm replaceing is a 42".old styled site-built vanity. I'll have to go with a 36" with fillers on the side. I'd like to get a vanity with 2 drawers on the right side which is the side the wall is on,. There is no wall on the left side - just the toilet. My question is: I won't be able to center the vanity over plumbing outlet (whatever it's called) because I'm assuming the drawers will be in the way. Can the plumbing be moved a few inches to the left without incurring a big plumbing bill? Is this a simple thing or a major thing?

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It depends.

If you are lucky, you may be able to sneak the drain lines in without moving the pipes in the wall and without conflicting with the drawers.

Sometimes shortening a drawer is easier and less expensive than altering plumbing, but then again, it depends on what the drawers and plumbing pipes are made of.

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Our plumbing was originally set for a vanity that would abut the wall, but we decided to try to move the vanity over a few inches to give the person using that side a little more elbow room. We were able to move it about 3 inches with no adjustments to plumbing or vanity. But as Trebuchet said, it depends on your plumbing and your vanity!

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