Studio Bathe vanities

JWM804November 23, 2013

Has anyone ever purchased any vanities from or made by Studio Bathe? They are a Canadian company that manufactures solid, hardwood vanities. They are sold at and on the Studio Bathe site. They appear to be good quality, but it is difficult to tell for sure. They apparently also manufacture their own faucets and include a 10 year warranty on those. We are considering using them for our house construction as they have a nice look and appear to be pretty solid. I would appreciate any input anyone could provide on them. Thanks.

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They also seem to use the name "Art Bathe" as well.

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Don't mistaken "Canadian-owned" as being manufactured in Canada. If they were made in Canada, it would be blazing across their website. I'll bet you that they are made in Asia. They may own the factory or they may only be importers. Email or call them and ask specifically. Then decide if it has any bearing on the quality.

We bought a Fluid faucet from Canada, only to see "Made in China" stamped on the box. The salesperson told us it was a Canadian company as part of her sales pitch, so we assumed it was made in Canada. But we've been happy with the quality. I'm not as comfortable buying wood cabinets from China.

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Quality-wise, I think they're great. Here are my 2 questions:
1) Are you prepared to put your flooring under them? They have furniture legs, so the flooring has to go all the way under them, and you'll have to clean under them.
2) The tops are cheap looking... thin, composite. They are drilled with a single hole for a single handle faucet (which I happen to like, but not everyone does).

Not sure where you live, but here in CA you can do just as well price-wise with better options... granite top with a thicker bullnose edge, etc...

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@ may-flowers:

Great call on the "Canada owned". After a some digging, I found the Home Depot Canada site and discovered that the country of origin for all of the Art Bathe vanities is in fact China. We will be going a different direction.

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