Sale ends August 10th

mikie_gwAugust 4, 2013

WinPatrol Plus $2

Sale ends August 10th

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Thanks! What a great program.

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What is this program used for?

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Though two dollars is not "real" money the free version is fine for what I use it for. I've been using that version for as long as I can remember.


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WinPatrol is intended to be a simple added security feature. Pops up message boxes to allow or not, new start up & services items or changes in browser Home Page. Lets you catch the toolbar or free things that come with some program installs that try to sneak in when you don't read all the install windows carefully.

It allows you to simply see where most items start from and makes it simple to delete start up items or non Microsoft services, or disable them or delay startup on something.

Its handy for me to use the Plus feature to get a quick what is.. on a file. Example is the intel HD graphics puts three items in in long list of intel things you don't really need or might not want running. They load hot keys for graphics and a tray icon. Graphic settings are avail in Control Panel.. I don't need the extra's running - to be rotating my screen or changing resolutions - and sometimes by accident too.

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Oh I just got this in time! Thank you sooo much for posting this!

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