Remodeling master bathroom

mary3456November 18, 2013

I am in the very early stages of a remodel of my master bath which is 7' x 9'. Currently there is a neo-angle shower and toilet along the exterior wall, and a wall-hung corner vanity with single sink and a corner mirrored medicine cabinet (which i love) on the opposite wall. The walls above the vanity are mirrored in typical 60's style. I suppose the bathroom is very small for a master, but I really like the current layout (even the mirrored walls which make the rooms seem bigger and brighter.). In order it make the room bigger, I'd have move my adjacent walk-in closet and then I'd lose the hall closet and linen closet. The bedroom is pretty small and can barely (but manages) to fit a king size bed and dressers. It does have French doors out to the pool though. The house has another full bath and 1/2 bath.
My question is: I want the remodel to be high-end since the house is in an expensive area, but I don't have a ton to spend, and I wonder if the recent trends of large master bed/baths are worth sacrificing other living space for? Also, since I think the original 60's style using mirrored walls etc really works for the space, would I be wise to remodel in the same way? (BTW, the house was supposed to be the home for the builder, who sadly died before moving in. I think he really maximized the potential for the house in his design, utilizing the spaces and views well, IMO.)

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Hi Mary,
We have used our 7x9 bathroom for 17 years and it has never felt small to me. We are in the process of expanding and remodeling but only because we needed to rip up the old linoleum and had some wasted space next to the room. That made it easy to expand.

I wouldn't want to lose any space either. So if you're happy with the layout then don't use the money to expand. Use it to get the high end look you want. I'd rather have a small lovely space than a large mediocre one! And french doors out to the pool? That sounds lovely.

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I just responded to your tile question, but I have to chime in on expanding the bathroom space. Don't do it!! We've lived numerous places around the country and every time we look at a house that has a big master bathroom we run screaming. It's wasted space. Some of them are so big you could put an island in the middle of the room. I just see it as more unpleasant space to clean. Stay with your comfortable efficiency and use the space to better use elsewhere.

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I agree with the posters above. You don't want to take from the bedroom. And I don't think you'd want to take from the closet either. I have just enlarged my bathroom from a 5x8 to a 10x8 and I find that large enough. I have a 3x5'alcove shower, a 5' vanity, toilet, and a nook for the stacked washer/dryer that I love having on the main floor! The room is accessible. I did have to take away from one of the bedrooms to make this bathroom work. But the bedroom can still function as a bedroom, just a very small one. I hated the bathroom before, now I think I will love it when we are all done.

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