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shifrbvSeptember 7, 2012

Why are there so many floorplans with stairs directly facing front door?

Especially strait /turning staircases? They not all that attractive if they face front door first things guest see is dirty dirty carpet / runners / scratched thread / .

What is the point exactly to make it face front door?

I have noticed even track builders started to move them away...







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A center entrance stair hall is one of the most enduring aspects of traditional house design. The origins of the idea are too many to list but one is because people often want a way to access their private spaces (bedrooms and bathrooms) without passing through a shared space where visitors or other family activities may be and also because that arrangement puts the top of the stair at the center of the house allowing the most efficient use of that floor.

A formal stair can also be very attractive, even a major feature, if the stair is well designed especially the railing and its lower termination. Since a stairway requires an opening in the upper floor it provides an opportunity to enlarge that opening which can be very attractive although the typical over sized 2 story entry hall has unfortunately become a cliche.

There is no reason the carpet should be any more unsightly than any other part of the house.

I can't imagine why "tract" builders should be considered any kind of standard or example to emulate. Cost is their only concern and the more modest the stair the lower the cost. Try searching architect websites if you want to find design inspirations. Don't take a sandwich to a banquet.

Here is a link that might be useful: go to these websites and see the portfolios

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I have to disagree with the blanket statement that staircases are not all that attractive. Some are. Some aren't.

I happen to think my staircase is beautiful and I get tons of compliments on it. Mine doesn't happen to face the front door but I would be delighted it it did and it were the first thing folks see when they walked in.

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