We are so close!Can you peek at our floorplan one last time??

stephpiSeptember 5, 2012

I have scoured these boards and asked a few questions over the last couple years and I think we finally have a winner!

I first started on these boards with a 2 story plan. Then we switched to a rambler with finished basement. Just didn't feel right...I didn't want the kids in the walkout basement(teenagers, ugh). So here we are. I have sent this plan back to our architect so many times and I finally love it. But wanted to see from my 'internet building home expert friends' if there are any glaring issues.

Our lot is 1.25 wooded acres. It will have an unfinished walkout basement. There is a freezer shown in the pantry but it will not be there. The freezer in the laundry room is where we want it. I don't fold EVER in the laundry room. Only in the family room or bedroom in front of the TV. :-)

Thanks in advance, and for all the past comments because I have taken everything said to me, and really thought about it all. I hope these pics show up okay...the plan has tons of writing all over them.

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I would love to view but just too small for me to see! Can you enlarge it somehow?

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I like the floorplan! What I am not in love with is the facade to be honest. The roof seems to dominate. What style is the house?

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Looks like you have a big picture window in the front, to the left of the door, without any muntins--but all the other windows in the front have muntins. (If I am using the terminology correctly--I mean the little bars separating windows into sections.) It strikes me that this might look a bit odd.

But yes, please bigger versions so we can see dimensions!

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Oh no--I have no idea how to make it larger. When you click on the picture, doesn't it take you to photobucket where you can enlarge it a little?

If you knew how long it took me to scan the floorplan, get it on photobucket, and then get the right link for this site, you would know that I'm not very knowledgable with this stuff!

Thanks for the comments so far though. I will look into that picture window...I was thinking the windows are not set in stone...the architect just put what he wanted in there and that we would pick out what we want when the time comes.

As far as style...I have no idea. I don't know much about that stuff. I just know the inside will be very traditional.

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Mmm. Hate photobucket.

Okay, so clicking, you do eventually get to a larger picture.

And, my comments:
You have at least 2 toilet rooms with inswing doors. For safety, those need to be modified. In both cases, the layout is not conducive to simply changing them to outswing or pocket doors, but it is necessary (the J&J, you might be able to put in a pocket door easily enough, depending on where you put your water lines for the tub). The master bath WC--you might look into something like an ergon door, or rearrange that space to get a pocket. The reason NOT to have an inswing is... if someone collapses/has a medical emergency in the WC room, and there is an inswing door, the person usually falls against the door/on the floor in front of the door preventing EMS from accessing them. The hinges to an inswing door are also on the inside of the WC, so EMS cannot simply remove the door... SWIM? It is rare that this sort of thing happens, but I'd hate for it to happen in my house (or a house I reviewed on GW) when planning for that sort of thing could literally save a life.

Where is your upstairs in relation to your down? Can you get a laundry chute in one of the bedroom baths?

Do you like having windows in your closet? It is odd that you've decided to put your closet on a corner of the house--usually prime real estate within a house footprint for light--where you don't need (or necessarily want) light there. Maybe, to solve your WC issue, you can think about changing the location of your master bath/closet (swapping them). In either case, your WC will probably be the same (far) distance from your bedroom. Will that be okay with you in the middle of the night?

Any reason NOT to have windows on 2 sides of your master bedroom? (for example, is there a house right there)?

I would take your kitchen layout to the kitchen's forum. I like that you don't HAVE to walk through the kitchen from the garage entrance, but I don't like that if you do, you are walking past the stovetop to get to the great room. And, I think it looks like you have a HUGE aisle between the sink and the island. How will you use your island? For prep? Normally, your ideal prep space is between stovetop and sink. But, here, you have no real prep space for that. If you think you will use the island for prep, it is essential it have a prep sink, since it is so far away from your main sink.

Where will your MW be? I like the location of the fridge fine. But, I am concerned you may have your MW located over by the sink. This will put main kid traffic (between fridge and MW) right through your cooking zone (stovetop). Again, not a good spot for your cooktop. The kitchen forum can help you optimize all of this.

Otherwise, without seeing dimensions, knowing where you live, or what orientation for the house, I think it looks pretty good. I like that your J&J bath only has 1 door to the toilet and only the sinks are true J&J. If you do J&J, that is the way to do it, imo.

Also, I didn't really look at the elevation/exterior (not really where I excel...I'm more a floorplan junky).


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stephi: in Photobucket: enlarge > share > get link code > HTML for websites (copy/paste it)

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I agree with kirkhall about many things, including having a window along the right side wall in your M Bedroom. If your bed is going along that wall, you'd still have room for 2 windows on either side of it, or you could do transoms. In addition to more light and breezes in your MB, it will break up that rather large expanse of windowless wall on your right side elevation.

I'm not a big fan of walking through the bathroom to get to the closet, but lots of people here on the forum chose that set up and seem to like it.

Your garage is big! It rather dominates the front. Do you have enough width in your lot to make it a side load? If not, I do like that you have staggered the front of it so it's not one flat expanse of garage door. That plus attractive doors will definitely help.

I would shorten the wall next to the refrigerator so you can open the doors all the way. (A ref next to a wall is a pain - you can't open the wall-side door far enough to pull out the drawers.) As mentioned above, definitely post the kitchen plan on the kitchens forum. You have lots of space there and you might be able to get more out of it. (Maybe even consider 2 islands - a 'working' island and what I think of as a 'social' island, where your seating is.) (Take a look at houzz.com and do a search on 'kitchen with two islands' just to see if you like any of them.)

Have fun!

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Thanks for enlarging my pics!

As far as the kitchen layout....I haven't thought too much about it yet. I just started looking in the kitchen forum and I will definitely post my plan over there. There is just so much to think about with the kitchen, I was waiting until the floor plan was done first.

There will actually be two windows in the master bed, thanks for pointing that out I didn't even realize the architect had left those off.

I do think we can get a laundry chute in there...the builder said to wait until the framing is up and they will see. I got the chute idea from this forum a while ago! Never would have thought about it before then.

I will switch the bathroom doors, I see what you are saying about the swinging in. I wonder why he put them all like that?

About the master closet/bathroom....that was tricky for us. Originally the architect had the closet that we walked through and then the bathroom past that on the front wall. But the one window on that front wall was for the toilet room. I really didn't like that at all. So we switched it up to see if we liked it and added another window in the closet and I really love it. If there has to be a window in the front of the house, I guess I would rather it be to our closet rather than the toilet room or even our bathtub. Maybe that is odd?? I am kind of excited about have real light in there!

Thanks for the opinions!! I will reread them a few more times and see what else I'm missing.

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On the toilet doors... I don't think architects are well-versed in EMS issues, unless it has become code. This particular thing isn't code in most places.

I think really the only doors that need to change are the Master WC and the J&J door. The others, the rooms are large enough that a body can be pushed out of the way of the door (there is somewhere else the body can go, than directly infront of the door). Make sense?

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Alex House

As far as the kitchen layout....I haven't thought too much about it yet. I just started looking in the kitchen forum and I will definitely post my plan over there. There is just so much to think about with the kitchen, I was waiting until the floor plan was done first.

You'll have more design freedom with your kitchen if you don't restrict yourself to a particular footprint. If you still have flexibility in the design phase, I'd suggest you keep yourself open to the possibility of modifying the kitchen footprint if a better kitchen can result from the modifications.

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