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ckmayerNovember 6, 2012

We are starting a huge home remodel with an addition. Our contractor gave us a generous budget for our master bathroom, but because we are adding to an existing house, we know that there could be some surprises. We have picked some things out, but are still mulling over the countertops and cabinets. While going over our proposed budget, the contractor put in $2326 for a 61" Cambria countertop . I called the design center to ask the owner to please break down the price of the Cambria into square ft. I was told that Cambria does not price their product that way. This was her response "Unfortunately I am not able to break the Cambria down into a square foot price. There are many factors that go into the price besides the square foot material cost (linear feet of polished edge/cut outs,etc). If we look at other quartz products we can get close to the square foot price since that number is disclosed to me. Sorry that I cannot be of more help." I have never heard of such a thing. Then how did they come up with the estimate? We know that we will be paying more money to buy local and American made - but this price seems high to me.(even though Cambria can be more than granite) We have not looked at other countertops, but wanted to get a feel of what something like this should cost. We live in a small college town in the Midwest.

Thanks -

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If this is a double sink vanity with back and side splashes, then wholesale would be around $1400 if you get the two "free" sinks that aren't really free. Typical markups are around 20-25% to the retail customer from wholesale, so, $1750. If your contractor adds his 20% on top of that, then your looking right around 2.1K. But, that is if they don't have to order in a whole slab for the vanity. In other words, if you choose a fairly common color that any remnants would be easily resellable. If you choose a color that is special order and difficult to resale, they are probably requiring you to buy the whole slab of material.

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Cambria is a quartz composite. They have around a hundred choices that are all the same price. You don't go and choose a slab as far as I know - It is a double vanity, but the sinks are listed as extra. This is why I am concerned that the price is very high. If this is correct - that is fine, I just don't want to get gauged.
Thanks for your response GreenDesigns.

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I bought a remnant of Chroma quartz, about 84" x 27" for $200. I got the impression that retail would be somewhere between 40 and 60 per sf. But some vendors do require a whole-slab purchase; I think Silestone said that. Regardless, a motivated shopper can find remnants, but you are operating in a different market.

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"I am not able to break the Cambria down into a square foot price"

To which I's say:

Then I'm not able to use use as a supplier. You are either too stupid or to disingenuous for me to trust you. Either you can't add,multiply and divide - or you refuse to be truthful because of some sales agenda.

Off course they can figure out the cost. How much is a slab incld. their markup. How many sq. ft in that slab, how many inches of edge work do you require multiplied by their cost for doing edgework.

A fifth grader can do this word problem.

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I'm planning a kitchen reno (bump out) and my plan is to do Cambria Praa Sands countertops with white cabinets. We haven't broken ground and already well over budget, thus project is now delayed.

For 53 sq. ft. of counter space needed, my contractor was quoted $8,500 ($160/sq.ft.), which seems excessively high and told him to get more quotes. Does that seem high to you? I live in northern suburbs of Chicago.

A kitchen designer we met with told us that with Cambria, it's more expensive because you're not paying for a slab, you only pay for the amount needed and it's considered the more expensive of the quartz manufacturers.

So now I'm reconsidering just using the Cambria on the main feature parts of the kitchen: island and main perimeter, and using something else on the outer perimeter (butcher block, laminate?).

P.S. I know this is a different topic, but does anyone know a reasonably priced and quality kitchen cabinet supplier in the Chicago area? The quote for my kitchen cabs was $24,000 and it's not that big of a kitchen or a million-dollar home. Any experience with options at Lowes or Home Depot? I just can't justify $24k on cabinets.


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I was told the same thing. They wont give you a price breakdown. I thought is was because they have no competition that sells cambria where I live.

At the parade of homes a few years ago, the salesperson said all cambria was the same price - $69 a sq ft. So I was estimating something like that. But it came out way higher. I was going to order cambria for a 63" vanity with 1 sink. The quote was $1200 plus $50 for a sink. That would include installation.

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