Why change browsers or email programs?

carolssisAugust 2, 2011

I read the posts here frequently, and see everyone has different browser than Internet Explorer, and different email than Outlook Express. I wonder what is the advantage to changing to a different browser or email program. I've always used that is in my Windows XP.

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People use different browsers because some of them are considered to have more features or work better than Internet Explorer. There's nothing "wrong" with IE. It's just that it is often behind the curve compared to what you can get in other browsers. I like Firefox because it has some very nice add-ons that do things like very effectively block ads and popups, or have controls that allow pages to be made smaller or larger (and the browser remembers the settings for each site). I also think the privacy/security settings and options are better in Firefox. Firefox has hundreds, perhaps thousands, of add-ons. However, if you are satisfied with IE, it's probably entirely adequate for your needs.

As far as email, I have simply never liked how Outlook Express works. I mainly use Hotmail and Gmail. Just a personal preference. Again, if you're satisfied, no need to change.

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Here's a discussion on different browsers full of all kinds of opinions...

Here is a link that might be useful: Browsers

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I changed email because OE isn't offered anymore, it is still my favorite email software. I use FF same reason Kudzu does. I love adblock plus and the easy list. Stops all of the ads and the pictures that slow down in one of the sites I visit.

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There is a dowwnside to having IE as your only browser. What happens if it gets broken/corrupted/infected? With another browser, you'd still be able to access the internet and get help. Without one...maybe you wouldn't.

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Until v7 and v8, IE was recognized as having continual security issues which alternative browsers were not having. As the alternative browsers became a greater market share focus was also placed on them by the bad guys. Now they too are under attack as well as support software such as Java, Flash, etc. There is also the anti-Microsoft mind set along with the human choice concept of Ford/Chevy/foreign. One size never fits all.

Most of the add-ons for FF are niche dedicated. However, there still remains many interesting and helpful offerings.


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I started using Thunderbird for my email when I got my new computer. Windows 7 was not compatible with Outlook Express. Tried Windows Live - but it is slower than molasses using a gmail address.

Thunderbird is very much like Outlook Express - easy and quick.

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It's all about what you like and what works for you. Years ago I switched to Firefox mainly because of tabbed browsing and the availability of add-on's to customize the browser. Now Internet Explorer has added many of those features.

I like Outlook (not Express) a lot too. Puts everything (email, contacts, calender, etc.) in one spot.

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I use IE always, no others impress me!! but have used only incredimail for years, as it's great for creative people, nothing boring about my e-mails.. lol

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I have gmail accounts but use Outlook Express on my XP comp and Windows Live Mail on my Win 7. I just happen to like a desktop program for my e-mail rather than having to open a browser to use it. Gmail has very complete instructions on how to configure to use it with a number of different e-mail programs.

Unlike Iowa Girl, I tried Thunderbird on my Win 7 and did not like it, so I am using Live Mail. So as several have noted, it's a matter of personal preference.

BTW, Chrome is my preferred browser although I have FF, Opera, and IE also.

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grandms, can gmail be configured to notify me through WLM when it gets an email.

I also find it more convenient to have email on my PC.

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Some avoid IE on the notion that malware is most often aimed at Windows and it's suite of applications. There's good reason they target those. The close interaction among Microsoft products give them multiple ways to get in. But of course, many people use them and never have a malware problem, because they (1) don't indiscriminately download or open every piece of junk someone forwards to them, (2) they don't open everything a web site invites them to open, (3) they keep a good antivirus/malware program up to date, and (4) they religiously install all MS security patches and service packs.

Some take some pleasure in not using EI as sort of a defiant act against MS. There's some perverse bragging also going on. They don't use the browser of the ignorant masses, they use , preferably something the listener hasn't heard of. Kind of like sneering at AOL users.

Email clients are mostly just personal preferences, and it's often just whatever they happened to start with. Some are a bit better for one or another persons particular email habits.

Note that, since you're using XP, if it was bought many years ago and you're using IE version 6, it is no longer secure, and you should long ago have upgraded. You should also be sure you're now running XP Service Pack 3. Go to:

If you have not kept up with security upgrades and service packs, block out some considerable time to download and install everything you need.

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Vala, all I do is open my WLM, and new mail (from gmail) starts downloading. Is that what you are asking? The only time I ever go to the gmail site is to check the Spam folder, in case something got flagged as Spam that was not.

If your email link on this forum works, I'll be happy to send you the directions. Gmail changed their site a bit, and I had trouble finding the instructions, but they are there.

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Yes that is what I want to know thanks. I just updated my email and it should work. Thanks

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grandms, I got it done, thanks for your offer.

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Gerald for the advice on IE and internet threats. We mostly use the same sites, but I do run antivirus, malwarebytes, and Spybot, regularly. I'll get the upgrade, anyway, all these years, only had one problem, came in thru email. Must have been an early version of McAfee, I threw it away, got something else. I try to the best of my knowledge to keep this up and running, and safe. Thanks all for your help and knowledge.

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Forgot to check back here last evening, so I'll get those instructions to you via your email address given here. Later today as I spent all morning getting two MRIs and I'm pooped. Watch your email this evening, and hope this will work for you.

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Grandms, that is okay, I Googled for the instructions. My computer was set up different than their instructions but I knew where that wanted me to go and did just fine.

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