Does anymore have a Wolf that isn't chipping?

a2geminiOctober 31, 2013

Hello my gardenweb friends
There have been a lot of posts about the Wolf oven and the porcelain chipping.
I am keeping my fingers crossed, and so far I have not found any chipping in my Wolf oven. My oven is over 18 months old and I want to be proactive if this is more widespread.
Most people complain when there is a problem, so I thought I would start this post to see if we have any others that are okay.

PS just a reminder that we are close to Thanksgiving and never clean your oven just before the holiday. I still remember breezy having a panic attack last year when she tried to clean her oven and the latch was stuck.

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I assume you are asking about the Wolf DF ranges with the blue enamel. For what it's worth, I bought a Wolf 36 inch all gas range (R366) 6 months ago before it was discontinued. We use the oven 2-3 times per week with temps ranging from 300 to 450. We have had zero problems and the oven works very well. Again, I thought the chipping problem was related to the DF and its blue enamel. Maybe other readers with the DF have other experiences.

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Mine is a DO30F/S. Purchased the last day of 2007, delivered in late 2008 or early 2009, installed in 2010, in use at the end of 2010. No chips, but I used the extended bake-in process. The number of self cleans that I can recall, however, is only one, possibly in only the upper unit.


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Dont have a Wolf, but I do have a Fox that keeps yammering at night.

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Future MIL has double ovens 30 " that aren't chipping, but they did require a new display panel.

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My original Series E Wall oven was installed just about 2 years agon. I had a couple of problems with it, but last spring I cleaned it for the first time. The thing locked up on me and no matter what I did, I could not open it. A repairman came out, got it open and said he had to order a new latch. Then I showed him the flaking I had been having. A few days later, I got a call from Wolf and they said they would replace the complete oven. When I got that, I was very, very careful with the burn-off, following directions to the letter. After my first time cooking in it, I wiped it clean and noticed the dreaded blue flakes. The next couple of times the same thing. It appears that most of the problem is in the front left-hand corner. There is a noteable area where the enamel has come off. So far I haven't called Wolf with a formal complaint. I did mention it to someone there when I called about another problem and I think she noted it, but I didn't pursue it at that time. I don't know, really, what I should do about it at this point. Advice?

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I've tried my best to let this pass, but I just can't. Do tell: What does the fox say? ;)

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Gharbor, Your story is just like mine. I am on my second E series wall oven and it started chipping after I used 3 or 4 times. I also, did the burn off as directed by the Wolf manual. I just got off the phone with Bradlee Distributors after reading your post. They sugested that I call Wolf to let them know about the chipping. I did and I asked if the new model E series will have a removable bottom. The product specialist told me Wolf has addressed this problem by designing a removable bottom. This new oven will be out after the first of January. So I am going to call Wolf back after the holidays and see what they will do for me. Good luck with your oven. BTW I Am in Washington State too

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Schroads - Mine is the E series. So far, OK but want to watch it carefully
Kaseki - glad to hear there is hope...
gharb & Kala- ouch! Stay on top of it - the squeaky wheel gets oiled.

BTW - I am heading out to Washington for a couple weeks for a consulting gig. I hope my oven doesn't catch the dreaded blue virus while I am in the PNW as it sounds like quite a few of the "bad" ones were located in that neck of the woods.

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LOL, a2gemini! So glad yours is without problem!

GHarborWa, please do call about your oven problems. Let them know you're willing to wait for the oven with the replaceable bottom. After 2 ovens, they should do that for you. Or you could wait, like Kalapointer, but do get an oven without bare metal and loose glass.

I sure wish they'd told me the whole truth, and let me know they realized this was a problem and were coming out with what, hopefully, will be a solution. I'm so sad they bailed on me instead. In fact, I just wrote a post (whining) about it on my blog, after someone in another discussion here asked me how I was getting along with my Gaggenau oven.

Here is a link that might be useful: blog post

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Great blog!
I remember reading your issues -of course after mine was installed :-(
I also was going to go with elux but wolf had this great sale...
Keep your fingers crossed

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Rhome - thanks for writing that great blog post. I was reading it late last night instead of sleeping! I was the one who asked you about your Gagg. You've given me a lot to think about. Still in the early phases of addition/reno planning and stuck on a few appliances; one being a second single oven to complement the 36 inch Wolf AG range. I love to bake and make pizza so your insight is very helpful. Hmmm, steam oven, new wolf E, electrolux..... such decisions shouldn't be so hard, should they?????

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Thanks, a2. I'm glad you found it helpful, phillyfeet. Please, anyone, always feel free to contact me here or by email if you have more questions. I have more experience with, so opinion about, ovens than I'd ever intended! ;)

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do the new e and m series have blue enamel?

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Well, so far so good with our Wolf L-series enamel. Of course, they've only been installed since May/June, but I do use them a LOT, including making bi-weekly pizzas with both ovens running at 550 with stones and run relatively frequent self-cleans. (I think twice on top and once on bottom so far.) Knock wood, it's all OK to date.

"Rhome410" was very helpful to me, too, when we were selecting our replacement for our Monogram lemon (x2, actually), and I also read, and enjoyed, her most recent blog post.

Like her, there are things I miss about the Monograms we had repaired (mostly unsuccessfully) so many times. But, unlike "Rhome410," it's nothing about the way they cooked, LOL, which the Wolf improves on in every way.

Instead, I actually kind of preferred their form factor, size, interior configuration--especially those glide racks you could leave in when you ran the self-clean; those were sweet!--and controls, which were clear, concise and easy to read.

The Wolf's fans bump out quite a bit from the back, while the Monogram convection fans were flush. The Wolf touch screen is busy and requires a precise series of entries to make it work (push oven on, select mode, then temperature, then enter degrees, then temperature again ... etc.), while the Monogram was far more intuitive. And I still can't believe the Wolf oven timer which features the world's softest beeping. I can be 4' away at the range and not hear it sometimes. Frustrating!

I also have a Gaggeanu combi-steam oven, so can echo "Rhome410's" frustrations with their fairly whack-a-doo control system. Six years later and my husband still struggles to turn it off successfully. :) Having said that we love the Gagg steam and use it all the time.

As for my Wolf double ovens, I really wish I'd been able to hold for the M series, as it APPEARS (and I know appearances can be deceiving, but it's all we have to go on for now) that many of my minor gripes with the L are fixed in this overhaul, but in terms of cooking or service, so far I really have no complaints about my Wolf double ovens. And I say that while knocking wood, throwing salt over one shoulder and spitting three times, because I had over 30 service calls and five years of intermittent failures on my previous Monogram ovens.

Oh and, PS to "Rhome410" after reading her blog, RE: pizza ... Have you tried using dual stones in your Gagg? I'm assuming you're already letting the ovens heat up at least a full hour before the first pizza, but try not only cooking your pizza ON a stone, but also having another stone on a rack above. It helps better recreate the whole brick oven environment and might really help with your whole bottom-cooks-faster-than-the-top issues, assuming you haven't already given such a set-up a whirl.

I've also had really good results with The Baking Steel, which comes in a relatively small size that I think would work even in the smaller Gagg. I also have a Dough Joe stone, I like which is configurable (comes in four small pieces) and a little easier to store than a traditional, large stone.

In our Monogram, each pizza took about 8-10 minutes with a 500 degree max. With the Wolf's baking stone mode and 550, it's more like 5 min. per pie and I've been quite impressed with the results, which I think are comparable with our grill, where we have a Mighty Pizza Oven.

Can you tell I've played around a lot with pizza making techniques?

Here is a link that might be useful: Baking Steel

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I did love the Monogram clock/timer set up, where you could see the clocks and timers for both ovens (which is unusual, but really nice). I wasn't a fan of their racks as much as Wolf's because of their bulk and fewer rack positions. But self-cleaning them was certainly great. I don't know why others can't do that. The funny thing is, I think I read here that they were going back to chrome racks, because consumers preferred them. What?!!!

Anyway, yep, even Monogram did some things right. ;-) But, apparently, NOT in the area of baking performance. Wolf has that top spot wrapped up with their dual convection, IMHO.

I have never tried 2 stones to bake pizza. My dh thinks he can cut down my old stones for me, but he hasn't gotten to it. Thanks for the tips and stone recommendations. :-)

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I must have been very tired while helping DM when I posted this - I didn't even realize the title was screwed up.

Should say - Does anyone have a Wolf E series that is not chipping? LOL

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mine 2 plus years and no chipping or crazing....

i don't use it as much as rhome, and hardly at all in the summer, just too hot....

so far so good, fingers crossed.... live in PA if that has anything to do with it according to 2gemini...

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I'm on my second Wolf l doubles. The first were replaced earlier I'm the year for chipping. They were only in use about 18 months old, but were unused floor models so a little older. The chipping occurred in the front bottom corners of each oven and on the door of one of them. Bradlee Distributors was the distributor who replaced them. I did the manual-recommended burn-in on these.

I noticed chipping in my new ovens after a short time. On these, however, I did the slow burn-in Kaseki recommended. I haven't called a Wolf yet as I was waiting until closer to the release of the M. I haven't noticed blue enamel in my food yet.

We've noted here before the preponderance of us PNWers with the chipping. I still find that very interesting.

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sprt - Yeah - someone without chipping - I am still keeping my fingers crossed as well.
I am in the Midwest (although parts of my kitchen came from Reading PA)
Breezy - bummer.... I did the Wolf recommended burn in, so hoping...
Appl - I am thinking of getting a steel - just so it is easier to manage than the stones.
Have a great holiday!!

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I notice most of the posts regarding chipping are related to built in ovens. Have there been chipping problems with the 30" dual fuel range? Thanks in advance for any replies.

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I notice most of the posts regarding chipping are related to built in ovens. Have there been chipping problems with the 30" dual fuel range? Thanks in advance for any replies.

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Yep, Wekick has one, and unlike the ovens, Wolf has not been much help with the range.


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Discovered chipping in mine at 41/2 years, with light use as I have a wall oven. Others in my area have had this as well.

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"Discovered chipping in mine at 41/2 years, with light use as I have a wall oven. Others in my area have had this as well."
Thank you, Wekick...I have read several of your posts on other threads and you have provided great information. I actually had a Wolf DF for almost five years and escaped the problem but I'm leery about getting another one. I am considering AG also but maybe I should just look at another brand. What did you finally end up with?

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Phoebe- so glad someone doesn't have the problem. I am still hopeful

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