mail problem on new laptop

reader77August 26, 2011

I just bought a Toshiba laptop, and today had a tech. set up the wireless router.

The security programs are installed.

I imported the Bookmarks from my desktop. When I went to check my Email ( I can't log in successfully. I type in my user name and password, and it keeps telling me the information is wrong.

I tried several times, now I get an Email (on my desktop EMail) which says I need to reset the password, but can't do so until after 2 p.m. Sat. 27th.

Same thing happened when I tried to sign on to for my home page. I'm wondering if this is some Windows 7 problem or my laptop?

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fwiw.. when I have someone tell me they can't login Yahoo.. i usually tell or remotely do it for them... go to top of .. log off there .. run ccleaner and look make sure no yahoo cookies.

Then try your login where ever you nomally do.

If you try over and over .. to login.. you will get locked out. You should go to and Accounts.. add a cell phone number or another email account for yahoo to contact you if you have a problem or someone steals your account.

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PKponder TX

Yahoo uses the complete email address for the username. Last time I had issues with my yahoo login, I was just typing the part before the @

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I was using the full address, just as on my desktop. I finally did the HELP thing, and they wanted my cell phone. I don't have text enabled, so did not enter that. When I typed in an alternate EMail, message says they don't have that one in their records.

So I clicked on "Can't access either one", and they sent an Email with reset information to be accessed tomorrow afternoon.

Funny thing - if I still didn't have the desktop to receive the Yahoo Email, and I can't log in on laptop - how in the world would I have been able to reset??

Just doesn't make sense. And I hope tomorrow afternoon I will be able to reset and log in on laptop. I don't have a positive feeling about it!

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ravencajun Zone 8b TX

you need to do as mikie said and clear all your cache on your browser and use either ccleaner or ATF to clear all your cookies and stuff, you have a bad cookie in your yahoo cache and till you clear that it will not work.

if you do not know how to clear the cache for your browser just do a google search for clear cache IE or clear cache firefox for what ever you have

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Thanks to everyone who helped! I am now logged in to Email.

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