My Tivo says there's no DHCP Server

lynnalexandraAugust 24, 2011

I'm hoping this is a good to place to come with this question. I have a couple of Tivo's - which connect to my wireless home network. They use the internet to gather two weeks of tv programming - and also to transfer recorded shows to my computer.

A few days ago, both Tivo's will not connect to the computer. They say the network connection failed - that there is "No DHCP Server." I went to my router - by typing the ip address in the address bar. I looked at the settings and it does say DHCP enabled.

I am able to connect to the wireless network on my laptop (and dh and dd's laptop) - so I think the wireless router is working fine. I guess I wonder what else I can check with the router. Everything I looked at looked fine - and just as it has when I first set it up.

Why don't my Tivo's see the network. They did up until Sunday night? I think this is a router networking issue even though it's my Tivo's that can't connect - and that's two different Tivo's).



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TulsaRose z7a, Tulsa OK

Good place to research...

Here is a link that might be useful: Tivo Help Forums and Support

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If you haven't, I'd try rebooting your router and TiVo's. Turn off everything. If you have a DSL or cable modem power that up first and let it come fully up. Then the router if the modem and router are combined, then this step is uncessary but otherwise then the router. Finally the TiVo's.

You might also go into the TiVo networking setting and let the machines re-discover your network.

Beyond that, since it appears only to be the TiVo's there might something buggy with their software. I wonder if TiVo did a service update on Sunday?

Another excellent source of information is the Tivo Community. Folks there should be able to point you in the right direction.

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Thanks. I had done a quick check of the Tivo forums - but haven't yet posted.

I rebooted my router and modem - and will try rebooting my Tivo. Does seem odd that both Tivo's can't find the network. Good hunch, Mike, about a software update.


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The modem/router reboot and Tivo reboot didn't help. Time to call Tivo tomorrow.


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Wanted to post back for those who might have a similar problem. Yesterday it occurred to me to try unplugging the Tivo G adapter - waiting 20 seconds - plugging back in. That did the trick. My Tivo now connects to my network.

The bedroom Tivo was a separate issue. The Wireless N adapter there was simply too far from the router to reliably stay connected to the network (it should have - and it did for a few months - but 1 1/2 hours of troubleshooting with Tivo couldn't get it to connect to my main wireless network).

What we did there was connect it to the wireless network we have in my family room - much stronger signal. That worked. The only reason I hadn't tried that before is that that wireless adapter in the family room isn't super reliable itself - and sometimes drops connections. But it's better than no connection.


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