installing a shower rail

Art07825November 24, 2013

We are changing out our master bath and have had the plumbers come in for the initial re-plumbing for the new rail and temperature/volume valve. Now on to the sheet rock phase and we just realized today that we forgot to install a beam to support the bottom of the rail. You can install with just anchors but we don't want to do that - not that we will use it as a grab bar but SOMEBODY may down the road, and we don't want it ripping out of the wall. We looked over the instructions again and are confused as to what exactly has to go behind the sheet rock before it is closed in again and tiled. There is nothing that we put behind the sheet rock, either the top or bottom connection point. I know that we are missing something here...
Here are some pictures leading up to where we are now.

I posted this earlier in the gallery section but I see that this section gets more traffic.

Here is a link that might be useful: pictures of the project

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You want a solid piece of wood, like a framing stud. It can be larger, of course, which gives you more options for placement. Our carpenter put in large, thick pieces - like 2x6s - and firmly attached them to the framing in each area where we plan to put grab rails...we've got a grab rail and a grab rail/shelf in the walk in shower, and a grab rail and a rail/TP holder by the toilet (one on each side).

Good for you to plan ahead. If you ever break a leg, you will be so glad you are putting the rails in! (so I'm an orthopedic disaster...)

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I am curious why you are choosing to use dry wall instead of cement board in your shower. Are you using Kerdie or something similar over the drywall?

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We are not installing grab bars, but the rail can be a grab bar, and that is what my question is about. Unfortunately, where the plumbing is, and where the cross piece would go, is where the pipe comes up so there is not enough depth for even a 2x4. I am thinking of making a metal piece,,,
We are using plain sheetrock because our tile installer will be using the Schluter system and told us that we don't need to use cement board. He said that the Schluter system works so well that he will not do a bathroom unless that is part of the plan. The membrane will go all the way up the walls as far as the tile does.

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Yes, I understand, Schluter makes Kerdie. I am not sure what the "Schluter system" is but I have heard that Kerdie could be attached to drywall.

Here is a product that I have seen referenced once or twice its called a Wingit. I have linked it below.

Here is a link that might be useful: wingit web site

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Thanks - that looks interesting!

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When I read that your installer wouldn't use cement board, I was certain I was going to prove him wrong. Oops. I stand corrected. The Schluter video shows the shower protection being installed over regular drywall, not even greenboard.

Here is a link that might be useful: Video

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