I want heater/exhaust fan that's not huge and ugly!

genab55November 16, 2012

Can anyone recommend a combo heater/exhaust fan that is not huge and ugly? I don't need a light or a nightlight and I don't mind if it makes some noise...just prefer it doesn't sound like a freight train either.

Am I asking too much? Maybe...but I would appreciate some advice from others.

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I have the Panasonic WhisperLite, so I can't say what it would be like to have the heater, but the fan itself is incredibly quiet. It's got a low profile, so it kind of just blends into the ceiling.

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I have looked at the Panasonic WhisperLite and it looks like it stays pretty flush with the ceiling.

I also found a Broan online that was smaller than the Panasonic but it looked like it wasn't quite flush with the ceiling. It was a Broan 658 Combo and some commented that it's pretty loud. It's about 8x14 in size.

The Panasonic is about 13.5x18.

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I have the one in the link below. I'd say it extends about an inch from the ceiling, so not completely flush, but close. Mine appears nearly square, so I am unsure about the measurements I see online. I'd guess maybe 13 x 14-ish. If you want the heater, it may be larger. I opted not to do the heater because I installed floor heat and didn't think I would need something to blow warm air into the room while simultaneously sucking moist air out.

Here is a link that might be useful: panasonic fan

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I have the Panasonic WhisperWarm, and it is quiet and functions well. I was reluctant to buy it because of its appearance due to the protrusion that the heater makes. As soon as it was installed I no longer noticed this and it became a non-issue (we have white ceilings). Good luck.

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Can you tell me about how much your WhisperWarm protrudes? I have not been able to find one that I can look at. I will probably go ahead an order one as the Broan grill doesn't have the look I would like...even though it is smaller.

We are putting in a walk in shower and I want the room to be warm since we won't have a door on the shower.

Thanks for your post!

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It protrudes down about 3", but it doesn't seem that deep since the edges are curved. The fan is very quiet. The heater is fairly loud but it works well.

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