New computer - moving photos?

jane__nyAugust 14, 2013

Trying to word this so it makes sense. Hubby has an old XP desktop which is full of photos. He uses Picasa and MS Picture It to do editing. He also uses Adobe Photoshop occasionally (doesn't really know how to use it well).

He spends his time taking pictures of flowers and landscapes and uses those programs. MS Picture It is his favorite. This is an old program which MS doesn't make anymore but I still have the disk.

Bought him a new laptop with Win 8. This will be a major challenge for him as he never really mastered XP! I want to set things up for him to make it easy as possible.

How would I move all his photos over to the new laptop?

I'm not sure he ever saved most of the edited pictures. They seem to reside in the Picture It Library. There are too many for me to check each one to see if they were ever saved to the computer.

My biggest fear is they were never saved. If they are in the library, are they somewhere on the computer?

Same problem with Picasa. They show in the library, but are they on the computer if he never saved them?

I feel so embarrased asking this, but I never thought about it. Will he lose those photos?


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You couldn't view them if they weren't saved on the computer. You should just be able to plug in a thumb drive and copy them, and then move them to the new computer.

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Thank you for the quick response. I figured they should be, just can't find them. He is so afraid of losing his photos. I did back up his photos on a drive. I'm thinking they are probably saved in a Picture It file rather than a regular file. I'm hoping they transfer.

Thanks again,

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Well, if you open up the Picture It program, you should be able to find out the name of one of the picture files. Then go into Explorer (not Internet Explorer) and search on the name for your whole C: drive. That will allow you to identify the folder where the pictures are located. Then copy and paste them all to the flash drive. Don't cut and paste them as you want to leave the originals on the old computer in case something gets messed up doing the transfer.

One other thing important thing. I'm not very familiar with the Picture It program, but believe it saves copies of photos with a ".mix" extension. You may not be able to open these files on the new computer without the help of a program that can convert these files to another format. It might be best to install such a program on the old computer, and convert all the files to a more common format like".jpg" before you move them. Below is a link to a free Microsoft program that may deal with this issue.

Here is a link that might be useful: MS Digital Image Starter

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If you backed up the photos "on a drive", can't you copy from the backup to the new PC?

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Jane you can use the Windows Easy Transfer Tool to move all pertinent data from the old machine to the new laptop. Slick program and worked well for me.

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