Delta new lever with separate temperature handle easy to operate?

janesylviaNovember 8, 2012

I am thinking of replacing my current Moen chrome shower head with the following stainless one with handheld shower head in the shower stall.

Delta 172939-SS-I Carlisle Monitor 17 Series Shower with In2Ition Two-In-One Shower, Stainless
The on-off and temperature control have two separate handles. Is it easy to operate? It looks like I also need to buy a valve to match it. Is the following the right valve to get?

Delta R10000-UNBXHF Multichoice Universal Shower Only Valve Body

Thank you very much, and any sharing of experience is also greatly appreciated.

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I just found out from lowe's website the kit includes the valve. Now I don't know if the Delta handle with temperature control on separate one is good or not. The handheld shower head itself had very good reviews on amazon. But the whole kit had mixed reviews on Lowe's. This Delta handle is not good?

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Hi Janesylvia--we've got a similar Delta valve/trim/temp control setup. The temp part is a really nice feature to have. Basically, you turn the big handle to turn the water on and to adjust the water pressure. Then you turn the temp control to achieve the desired temp of the water. When you turn the shower off, you simply turn the water control handle and leave the temp handle alone. When you shower the next time, the temp is already set. Additionally, because the temp is a separate control, you can run the shower with a various water pressures if desired which you can't do with an all-in-one single handle.

As far as quality on that particular model, I can't tell you. However, what I can tell you is that Delta and many other brands make a special version of their fixtures for the big box stores that is typically on the lower end of quality (plastic pieces vs metal pieces) so they can offer a lower price point. There are a couple styles that they only make for the big box stores too. If you go on the Delta website and look up that control there will likely be 2 listed--one specifying Lowe's or HD and the model # will be slightly different from the regular one. Looks like the poor Lowe's reviews come down to quality.

As far as spotting, I am finding that they all do especially if you have hard water. Depends on how much it bothers you to see the spots or to wipe down the controls before exiting the shower.

Hope this helps!

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Thank you very much for your help, mydreamhome.

Amazon sells the same models as Lowes. At Lowes' website, many people complained no hot water coming out after using it for several months for both the shower/tub and shower models. Do you have the same model? Really appreciate your kind help.

Delta Carlisle Stainless 1-Handle Shower Faucet with Multi-Function Showerhead, Model #: 172939-SS-I

Here is a link that might be useful: Delta Carlisle Stainless 1-Handle Tub and Shower Faucet with Multi-Function Showerhead Model #: 174939-SS-I

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