Rangemaster Induction vendors in US

ae2gaOctober 23, 2013

I have reached a point of frustration so am coming to the experts. I am looking for the Rangemaster Induction Professional without much luck.

Can anyone please lead me to the US vendor. The ones listed on the Rangemaster website - Hearthland and Aga-Marvel - do not have the Rangemaster.

Should I settle to waiting a few years until this range (cooker - love that term) is available in the US?

Any help is great;y appreciated.

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Aga-Marvel and Aga-Heartland Appliances are the North American division of Aga-Rangemaster, the UK-based parent company. (In the US, the brands also include La Cornue and Northland.) While various "Rangemaster" stoves are being sold over here, the company branded them as "Aga." So, if you don't see an Aga induction stove here, you won't find another U.S. vendor that would carry the induction stove you are looking for. line. neither Aga Marvel nor Heartland Appliances have any induction products.

At some point last year, I ran across a "Heartland" induction cooktop but it was sold by "Heartland Food Service" and was a rebranded Fagor/Brandt unit.

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That is the answer I expected, but I am still disappointed. Thanks so much.

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