Sand Mountain by John Tee

etr2002September 10, 2013

Has anyone completed the Sand Mountain plan by John Tee? If so, are you happy with the plan and do you have any input on recommended changes?

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Did you ever get any responses? Seems like a really popular houseplan,...! We are looking at it as well. Did you decide to build it?

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We are building a modified sand mountain now. We changed the office into a bedroom and changed the master layout. We also attached the garage and moved the half bath. We changed some other room sizes and layouts also. It looks a good bit different than the original stone mountain plan. I will post the floor plan and some pictures later tonight.

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The room labeled as a study will be a bedroom. Other than that everything should be as labeled.

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This is the most recent picture I have of the exterior.

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thanks! its not actually us, but friends of ours... they're trying to pick from a couple house plans and it helps so much to hear from people who are/have built. Looks great! Thank you!

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This is our version of Sand Mountain......going to be moving in soon.

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Hi, I'm new to this website and forum. Our house burned down this past Tuesday and we've decided to rebuild. However, we've got to get a move on it! We are trying to decide b/t two plans. This one and the Calabash Cottage from William Poole. I think I like this one better. I have many many questions. My first is, can someone give me an estimate of how much this house is costing per square foot? I know it depends on location and materials used, but I was just hoping I could get some kind of ball park. We live in the country in Mississippi. Thanks so much!

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I am sure sorry about your home.....was it a lightening strike? This house is in Southern Ala and there was a lot of lightening damage and one house fire last week. I have seen this house for sale anywhere from $ 489000 to $900,000 (in Atlanta upscale subdivision). Send me your private email address to:, and I will share more info. We really like the look, but changed the left side office and laundry room to create what we call a hearth room. We also built on a crawl space, most newer homes here are on a flat....but wanted old style hand laid oak floors throughout and did not want to put those on top of a flat. My builder is near Bay Minette, AL if that is close to you in MS. Ralph Tucker

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We're also building this plan, and we also changed the left side. We went with the two-bedrooom upstairs as well.

Photos to follow.

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We finally got moved in.....we really like this house plan. The bedrooms are very LARGE! but that's a good thing.

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