Height of handheld shower?

andreadegNovember 19, 2009


I need to decide soon (probably by the end of the day!) how high on the wall I would like to have my handheld shower placed. We bought the Kohler Bancroft line of faucets and the handheld shower will not be on a bar, but instead, will be placed on a hook. The internal shower dimensions will be 3.5 feet by 4.5 feet. The longer side of the shower will have the shower head, on off valves, built in shelf etc. I'm thinking of putting the handheld shower on the 3.5 foot wall which is opposite the door. (The shower will be curbless if that is an important detail). How high up on the shower wall would you recommend we place the handheld shower? I'm 5'0" and my husband is 6'0". We will have the option of having the water flow from the shower, the handheld shower, or both.

Thoughts and opinions appreciated!

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Since you will have a stationary shower head mounted on the wall, you could mount the hand held shower at a lower position.

Do you ever take a shower and not want to get your hair wet? If so, then mount the head at your shoulder height so can do this. I think this is also a good height so you can easily grab the shower head to rinse down the walls and floor after you do a cleaning.

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Why not get one on a bar so it's adjustable?

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We didn't care for the look of a bar in the shower.

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We're are doing a handheld showerhead in addition to the showerhead as well. Our shower is 36" x 66". We are mounting both on the short, end wall, with the handheld between the showerhead and the long back wall. I bought a 6ft long handheld so I can clean the shower easier, so it will come out of the wall even with the controls, drop down and loop back up again higher to the holder position. We also did not want the adjustable bar. I haven't quite decided exactly where I'm going to put the holder, but I think I would like it high enough to where I can take a shower under it if I wanted (I'm 5'4") and also grab it to clean the shower. Since it's 6ft long, I probably have to mount it a little higher so wont drag on the shower floor.

Since you are under-tall like me as well, mounting it lower may be good for you to access for cleaning the shower.

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Thank you both for your recommendatios. I think I'll for for a 4 feet 6 inch heigh which will allow me to clean the shower floor, and, take a shower without getting my hair wet! Thanks again!

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If I understand your situation correctly, you will also be able to add an additional hook at a later time if the first one doesn't work for you. Cost should be minimal if they "block" your shower walls everywhere (which is what my contractor is doing) or if you know where our studs are. Good if you know where the studs are anywhere for future ideas that might be desired. If blocked you can have the option to move the hook anywhere and have even more than two hooks. There are also devices that attach to towel bars that function as a hook for a hand held shower. Lots of options. Good luck.

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I would go ahead and add another "hook" at a lower height now. You want to be able to use the shower head from a seated position, think about a shower seat being used in case of injury or a visit by an elderly relative or friend. Be sure all the controls AND the handheld shower can be reached from the seat.

Don't forget the diverter valve (in the wall) and the diverter control, you will need both to operate the handheld unless there is a diverter built into the shower head. The separate valve and control is a much better setup, so it can be operated from a seated position.

There are all sorts of websites available with ADA rules for how to set up a handicapped-accessible shower. Link to one is below.

Here is a link that might be useful: ADA Bathrooms

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You cannot put it on the wall opposite the door. The plumbing code prohibits installing a shower head where it will point at the door.

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I am curious what code prohibits mounting the shower head pointing towards the door? Reading the IRC (2009), there is nothing prohibiting this. In fact, if the entire bathroom floor were properly sloped to the drain and waterproofed, you could technically place the showerhead over the toilet. Don't know why you would want that, but it could be done.

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