Help with fiberglass entry door?

Central79September 29, 2012

We are deciding on an entry door for our new construction.

We will have oval window, 2 side lights and an elliptical transom. We want oak look, inside and outside and on the jams.

Any kudos or warnings about Benchmark (made by ThermaTru for Lowes)?

Thanks very much!

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15-20 years back Benchmark had one of the better residential steel doors on the market. Being marketed through a box store to me screams price point product and that to me has always meant compromised quality so I would recommend looking for Provia, HMI or at the least Thermo Tru from a window and door supplier not a box store.

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Thanks millworkman:

No one sells HMI near us. We will check out Provia.
I do like the Therma Door better than the Benchmark but we like the glass available in the benchmark better than the Therma-tru and also Benchmark is less money. Our GC would stain the door and looks like the Stain-kits are the same for the Benchmark and Therma-tru? Thanks

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Just a word of caution: make sure the GC knows how to properly stain and finish a fiberglass door. The painter our GC used made a mess of our front door, and now we're stuck with it. We had him re-do it twice, and it just got worse.

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We used Therma Tru (not through a big box store though) on a prior home and I loved that door. We paid to have Therma Tru stain it for us, as I had heard horror stories about how bad they can look if you don't know what you are doing.

The door was great, but I second the advice not to buy it from a big box store though. And I'd make sure your GC really knows how to stain fiberglass first too, before he botches up a beautiful new door with a bad stain job.

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Thanks everyone!:

We beleive we have decided on a Thema Tru Classic Craft but the GC wants to stain himself and this will be ordered through his Building Supply company. I guess we need to trust he knows what he is is doing as far as staining the door.

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