Remodeling a bathroom using tile

mary3456November 18, 2013

I am planning a remodel of my small master bathroom and would like to use marble on the floor and counter for a timeless (and hi-end) look, but I color my hair and I suspect this might stain. I would also like to use white and light green glass mosaic tile on the shower walls, but I'm not sure what to use on the shower floor. If I use marble on the shower floor, I'm sure the "look" would be more unified and might make the room seem larger, but I worry about stains from water and products. On the other hand, the glass tile I would like to use is very thin, and I worry about using that on a floor.

Any advice would be appreciated!

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The disclaimer: I'm not an expert, but have some experience with different tile.

I would worry about stains on the marble, especially in the shower. Don't think you'd want to use the glass on the floor because it would be slippery. Unless maybe you use a mat on top, but then that defeats the purpose of a pretty floor!

Is there another bathroom in the house you can use for hair coloring?

Maybe someone will answer that knows more.

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There are some very pretty bathrooms that have been posted here using marble look tile. I don't think I'd risk using natural stone in the bathroom where you're using hair dye. I'd also find a stone look tile for the shower floor that coordinates with the glass tile you love. Glass tile on the floor would be very slick and if it's thin, doesn't seem it would be durable enough.

Here is a link to some of the threads about marble look tile:

Here is a link that might be useful: Search for marble look tile

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Thanks for the replies!

I really wanted to use Hakatai glass tile in the shower, but a sample tile cracked easily and seems very thin compared to other glass tiles I've seen. I believe the tiles are rated for floors (at least the website shows them being used on bathroom floors and in swimming pools) but I'm reluctant to use it for the shower floor.

As for marble, the existing shower (53 yrs old) has a small Calacutta marble bench. I doubt it was ever sealed, but to me, it looks fine even though I've colored my hair, have hard water and use harsh cleaning products. The finish seems honed, but i dont notice any discoloration. Perhaps my standards are a lot lower than other's!

Has anyone used glass or marble tile for shower floors?

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Hi Mary! Am very new here, but I hope I can help. :)

With regard to your bathroom floor (and counter), have you considered soapstone? It has a marbley look and you could probably get one in a color you like. Unlike marble, it doesn't stain as easily and, if anything spills on it, that substance can be scrubbed off most of the time.

It does not absorb water either, which makes it safe for use on floors. This means that even if you take a shower on a soapstone floor, it will not become slippery.

Hope this helps.

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I almost forgot, soapstone is also good at retaining heat. Even when the weather's cold, it remains warm to the touch. You'll have warm shower floors even on brisk mornings!

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