Laundry room 10 x 7 too small for a family of 5?

redheadeddaughterSeptember 23, 2013

Just wondering if any of the other laundry busy moms here might chime in to share their take on this... while I can still change it. I know there is a laundry room forum, but kind of wanted to get opinions from others doing a new build like me.

I'd like this room to be a place for me to (finally) store my brooms and mops and vacuums and cleaning products in a cabinet. We'll have standard front loaders. I love counter top folding space so I don't really want to stack them. And I'd also like to fit in a small sewing desk by the window. If I don't have a place for my machine... it just doesn't get used. Oh. And pet supplies (dog food, etc.) will be stored here. I don' t think I need a sink. It seems things like towels just get piled up in there. Is that foolish to forego one? I would like a nice stack of shelves for 5 baskets of clothes. All my paper products and TP will be stored here up high. It will (and must) have a window because sunshine makes me happy and I like to sing while I fold laundry. Does anyone else do that?

Will it all fit? Should the entrance be at the short end or the wide end for most useful space planning? Would 1 more foot make a big difference? It's a perfect rectangle with no bumps.

PS I've had lots of laundry rooms much smaller than 10 x 7... so "too small" is relative I know. I'm just wondering if it's worth the effort to fight for that extra space, or if I won't really notice it.

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that's the size I'm planning for our house and similar to what we have now... plenty of room for me and we are a family of 5.

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this is also the exact same size as the one in the house we are of 5.

I am reducing the size of the sink instead of forgoing one altogether. I haven't decided on size but maybe around 24". I also have a broom closet in the laundry room I think it's around 4' wide. But it doesn't count as part of the 7 x 10 space we have. It comes from 'eating' in to a room adjacent to it (pantry).

instead of sewing desk I am having some cubbies built in to hold the baskets. And it has a single decent size window. The door is on the short side but that's just the way it worked.

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I do think it's worth fighting for the extra space. My laundry room is too small and it drives me crazy.

If you can get a larger laundry room, this is the time to do it. A few feet will make a big difference.

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Sounds like this will be much more than a laundry room, and deserves the extra space. If you will be spending a lot of time there, give it a good spot and a view . . . and when deciding placement, think about how you'll use it. Do you do laundry every day, while the kids are doing some independent study (do you want to have an interior window so you can keep an eye on the classroom)? Or on the weekends, do you have some loads running during the football game while you are preparing lunch in the kitchen? When do you think you will do your sewing? Is there a sink nearby (if not in the room)?

I'm sure it will be wonderful. I'd love something like this (right now our machines are in a closet in the hallway).

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I think it depends on the overall square footage of your house and whether or not space in the laundry room is one of your top priorities.

In a 1500 square foot house, a laundry room that size would be considered very large, but in a 3500 square foot house not so much. :)

And it depends on your priorities - some folks might sacrifice a bedroom for a larger laundry room. Others would prefer the extra bedroom or space somewhere else.

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I think that not putting in a sink is a huge mistake, if for no other reason than to run the cold water out of the hot water line so that you actually have hot water in the washer.

I would try to find more space for this room if you plan to use it as a sewing room and for storage.

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What about space to iron? My current laundry room is so narrow I can barely open up an ironing board! In our current build, we planned a spot near the windows for the ironing board to be set up at all times...let me post a pic...

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Here is mine...
I have a counter top over my front load W&D..some uppers, lowers, sink, hanging area...etc...

Mine is 10'3" by 6'4"


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OP, it sounds like you will have a lot going on in that room!

What's the room pictured below the laundry room?

I think putting the door on the end gives you better use of the space, making it a galley-style, and improving the accessibility.

Measure what you need for each purpose - broom closet, laundry baskets, dog food, paper product storage. Will these be custom, or do you have something already?

How much area do you need for the sewing machine - both for use, and storage of fabric and accessories?

Once you have your needs determined, it will be easier to determine the most efficient layout. If you can fit everything along one 10' wall, 8 feet wide might even be too much; if you need both 10' runs to accommodate everything you want in that room, 8 feet will probably be too narrow.

The better you can measure/estimate/plan for your anticipated needs, the better use you can make of the space.

Good luck!

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So many great responses.

SpottytheCat: yes, I need a place to iron... and you did it in a smallish space and it looks like a very functional room. I was hoping to have a fold down unit on the back of the door or a wall somewhere? But an open ironing board would be a real treat. Hmmmm...

Annkh: Your comments were so helpful... I've taken the afternoon trying to measure and place everything and you are right. If I want cabs or shelves on both sides (and I do) than it's too narrow. I don't think I mind the depth so much though now that I lay it all out. So very very helpful. Thank you!

Sink: Will need to see if I can fit one in. I'm afraid now it will change the resale value if I don't include one. There is a guest bath down below there.

Estrelle: relieved that the size might work!

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Do a sink! I can't imagine not having one. To let things soak, to scrub stuff. Pretreat area. Space wise everything is relative but you are puropsing it for more than a laundry area so bigger might be better.

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jennybc: A sink it is then. :) I've been a lazy pre-treater.

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