microwave with lift up door?

oruborisOctober 8, 2007

There was a link to one of these on the MSN homepage in an article about kitchen trends.

Stupidly, I didn't save a link.

Any info on models like this would be most appreciated.

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The choices for these are very slim. Miele, Kuppersbusch, and Viking are the choices. BTW, they are not microwaves but only doors or covers for regular stand alone microwaves. There are also a few hardware suppliers who make a similar mech. that you can put a cabinet door onto that do the same thing.

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I think this might be the one you're thinking of, oruboris.

Here is a link that might be useful: LG microwave with EasyUp door

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I have seen the LG at both BB and HD. It has a pretty good vent system too, I think it was 420cfm....better then most MW vents. It looks pretty neet, but isn't a speed cooker for the price. It was 570.00 at the local HD.

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The Monogram Advantium has a lift up door and is an excellent microwave in addition to being a speed cooker.

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lynnette - that's an interesting oven, I've never seen a working micro with that type of door before. I didn't see a press release or feature in any of the industry trade publications on that unit either. They are the only ones producing such a product. Does it have a positive latch system? Meaning does the door snap or click closed when pulled down like a trad. micro?

JC- are you sure GE has the same type door as that LG? I believe, and my current catalogs show their advantium line having a drop down door, hinged on the bottom.

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Thanks everyone, for the help-- Lynette found the right one, but somehow I missed the fact that it's an OTR oven.

Still, it might be worth it, if I go ahead with my original plan of putting it in a floor to ceiling cab, faced towards the counter so that it could be accessed from either the kitchen or dining. [Hard to describe, but basically the user would have to stand at 90 degrees from the microwave. The door sliding straight up would keep it out of the way for the 'wrong' side user, and the controls would be easy to reach from either side.]

I'm reconsidering that plan, though, so perhaps will have the micro in the same cab, but facing the kitchen. Would only be a couple of extra steps, and I wouldn't be tied to this sort of unit when the time comes to replace it.

I understand JC's post: I basically wasn't clear enough in my description of what I was looking for, and you do 'lift up' the advantium door to close it...

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antss--I don't know anything about the oven. Like oruboris, I came across it through an article about kitchen trends, and just happened to remember it.

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wow 470cfm. I wish I had known that before I bought my LG I have. Oh well, it works fine.

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