Image from clipboard to Photoshop Elements

sfhillAugust 7, 2012

When trying to import an image from the clipboard into Photoshop Elements 10, it don't work. I used to click on file, new, then image from clipboard and the picture would appear. Now the words "image from clipboard" isn't brightly lit up and it don't work. Any idea how to make this work again. Thanks sfhill

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Hi sfhill,

I can't find anything on that error, Is that the exact error you get word for word?


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Perhaps the reason is that your image is not on the clipboard and that is why the "image from clipboard" is greyed out?

Assuming the image is in your My Pictures folder why can't you click the 'Open' icon and drill down to it in the pop up menu?

If you wish to open more than one image then hold down the CTRL or Control key and click those images you wish to open.

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