Kenmore Elite 79023 Refrigerator

cromanosOctober 23, 2013

We're remodeling our kitchen and severely limited in terms of dimensions - the widest door to the kitchen is 31" wide, so we're limited to a 31" refrigerator.

I found the Kenmore Elite 79023 (, which gets us 22 cu. ft. in an under 30" form factor, which is great for size, but I'm worried about quality.

This particular fridge is made by LG, per Sears, and Consumer Reports rates both LG and Kenmore fairly well overall (though not as highly as our first choice the Whirlpool Gold that we can't fit in).

That said, I don't have any experience with LG appliances, and Kenmore has been hit-and-miss for us - great washer and drier, total bust on a water heater.

This is a new model, just released earlier this month, it seems, so there's no user review info on it anywhere, and it doesn't even appear on LG's web site, so it may be something they only make for Sears.

So, any advice, from anyone who has more experience would be greatly appreciated.

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Thanks cromanos for the post. I also have a problem with a 30" inch doorway and have been having a hard time finding what I like. I was looking at the Fisher Paykel which is counter depth but it's reviews on consumer reports were just "ok". Also, I am very sensitive to how much noise a refrigerator puts out so am looking for quiet as well. Am going to Sears today to see the 79023 and also see if there is any info on the consumer reports site on this. There may not be because it is so new. Let you know if I find out anything.

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Hopefully your local Sears will have one in stock to look at. I called mine yesterday, and they don't have one in the showroom yet.

Looking forward to hearing what you find out.

Good luck!

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Well, my Sears is not any different than yours. They stated that they would not have it for approximately 5 weeks. But, while I was there I explained my problem to the salesman and he said that another refrigerator would still work if the doors were taken off. Put it thru, then put the refrigerator doors back on. He said the delivery people do it all the time. This means that I can get the one I really want. Great!

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I think our lives are in parallel. My wife originally wanted the Whirlpool Gold 22ft. (, but we thought we couldn't do it, ends up we can - same as you, just take off the doors and drawer and we're good to go!

Glad I don't have to put down good cash for a newly introduced product.

Now off to select ranges :-(

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