I am not sure I understand this

paulsmth2August 3, 2014

When I try to bring up a website I have to sit for a few minutes while the system goes off into never never land then finally returns. It then takes another minute or so before I can use my up and down arrow keys. After finally getting somewhere I almost always get a message saying that a script on shockwave flash is either busy or not responding. This then is sometimes followed by another message saying that firefox is not responding. It is hard to get anything accomplished.

I have adobe flash player 14 plug in, adobe acrobat 6.02, adobe player 6.01 and firefox 29.01.

Are shockwave flash and adobe flash player two different software packages. Do I need both of them. I have a wireless setup running at 3mb. Is speed the problem.

Any suggestions to get me a better understanding of what I am dealing with here.


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Shockwave Flash is ok - that is adobe flash players way of showing it in the browser add-ons.

Firefox is out of date.. try updating it ? Open Help/About.. and it should update... if not www.firefox.com

I might completely uninstall it & restart the computer before re-installing if updating doesn't fix you up.

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I get a similar problem while waiting for my home page to load, which is a news site. It is big, so it takes a while. I get a message that the script is still working or has stopped. I click on continue, and almost immediately the page comes up. Not sure whether it's a problems with any program as much as it is the page being downloaded. I also use Firefox. I don't know if the other programs are the issue. Sorry I can't help more.

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My Vista desktop is behaving badly in just this same way. Both FF 31 and Opera hang for several minutes (if they ever load at all) if the web page I'm going to contains any videos-news sites and YouTube are especially bad. IE 9 seems to be less of a problem but I noticed when using it that some advertising displays failed to load. I'm going to guess that some of the major ad-servers are not playing nice with Adobe...but that's just a guess. My older XP box has occasionally hung up-but not nearly as bad as the Vista box is. Doubt there is much we can do about the problem but would love to be proven wrong.

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Go to control panel, programs add/remove or uninstall, when you get the list, scroll down look for anything conduit and uninstall/ASAP it is a viral add on that causes nothing but more problems.

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Many sites use script programming (usually JavaScript, Adobe Flash, Adobe Shockwave, sometimes also Java*) in the pages to display content and/or video. Delays such as are being described here are typically due to slow computers ... CPU and memory. Running scripts puts an extra load on the processor.

The advisory about a script being hung is Firefox trying to be helpful by monitoring its own operation and attempting to detect when a badly-written script may actually be stuck in a loop or some such, giving the user an opportunity to abort the script processing.

I have an older laptop with only 1.5 GB of RAM (part of which is used for video driver memory). It has the latest Firefox, Flash, Shockwave, Java, etc. On occasion it hangs for up to a couple minutes when a page heavy with scripts (scrolling text, newsfeeds, etc.) and video content loads.

My newer desktop machines with 4 GB and 8 GB of memory and much more powerful processors never trigger the script warning and are much faster at getting such pages loaded.

*Java and JavaScript are not the same thing. JavaScript is embedded in the browser. Many web pages use JavaScript for internal and server functions (online banking access, shopping carts) and will not work properly if JavaScript is disabled. Java is a 3rd-party script program available from Oracle (previously Sun) Java.com and is less commonly used. An online crossword puzzle I check daily runs on Java.

Firefox previously had user control (somewhere under Tools / Options) for enabling or disabling Java and JavaScript but the options were removed a few versions ago. I found an add-on that provides buttons to enable/disable JavaScript, Java, Flash, Silverlight, Cookies, Automatic Image Loading, Animated Images, and Cascading Style Sheets: QuickJava. Many security experts advise disabling Java except on known sites that need it.

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My 6 yr old Vista box has an Intel Core2 Quad Q6600 @ 2.4 Ghz and 3 GB memory. My XP box that is running better has a slower CPU and only 2 GB.

No...I don't have conduit.

What really bothers me is having to use Task Master to kill FF, then when restarted FF automagically tries to reload the same troublesome site. Wish I knew how to kill that.

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Firefox has a Session Restore feature that automatically reloads the previous page(s) after a crash. Killing it with Task Manager is an improper close = crash.

Google "disable firefox session restore" for details.

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On occasion I have a delay with certain sites loading on my FF for the last few versions. Everything on the W8/8.1 has always been current so that's not in question. At first I thought it might be ABP and post maintenance (reinstalling cookies) slowing things. i as of yet been able to resolve the concern.

I am always able to jump over to IE11, and the site will load fine.


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Today I started FF into a blank tab and got the "unresponsive script" warning. Have cleared history-cookies-run CCleaner-updated Flash & Shockwave (don't think they needed it, but whatever)-installed-ABP...nothing has helped. FF still hangs while loading sites with videos and Youtube is totally non-functional while IE9 goes on it's merry way -loads sites and plays video just fine. This is getting tiresome. Telling NoScript to allow scripts globally has also not helped.

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Try running Firefox in Safe Mode (which eliminates all add-ons). If that works, disable all your add-ons, then re-enable them one at a time and test the results for enabling another.

If no difference in Safe Mode, make a new user profile. If that works, reinstall your choice of add-ons to the new profile and copy your bookmarks to it.

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Running Firefox in safe mode did not help. Resetting Firefox did not help. Making a new user profile did not help. I got the "unresponsive script warning" even on pages without ads/videos. Appreciate the suggestions...anything else?

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I took a quick visit to Google Land and found that unresponsive issues have been a reoccurring complaint effecting FF for some time; as far back as v22.0. My visit was short and my reading limited, but I did see where turning off Skype had a positive result. That won't help me though as I don't use Skype.


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I also don't use Skype...but thanks for mentioning it.

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Easiest solution is just change browsers. I still don't use IE, but I've found no slowdowns in pages loading with Chrome.

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Try out speedyfox, it's a harmless download, runs from the desktop, so no big deal and it does not install conduit :)

I use to use it but have moved away from Firefox, I'll tell you what I do like is the palemoon browser..

Here is a link that might be useful: speedyfox

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I am just wondering...

About a year ago I was having a problem reading certain pdf files on the internet. I went in to the system and changed the program to use from firefox to the regular adobe software. I was aware that firefox was using a condensed version of adobe and it was not being accepted all the time.

Seeing as how flash player or shockwave is a part of adobe I wonder if firefox did not also alter shockwave or flash player perhaps to cut back on space requirements.

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Assuming you dont have win8... just uninstall everything ... firefox and Java ...use the java uninstall cleanup tool. Don't save personal setting so backup what you want in the File/Export area.

Then restart the computer before installing stuff back. Everything fresh.. should work.

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Today I uninstalled FF & Java & rebooted. Installed fresh copy of FF 31. Computer still hangs with "unresponsive script" warning. Uninstalled FF and downloaded Pale Moon. Tried to load the PM start page and what happens? Unresponsive script warning. At this point I would begin to suspect either a hardware problem or an ISP problem, but seeing as IE9 continues to function so well it seems to me neither is likely. I was trying to avoid Google Chrome but will probably have to give it a try.

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Installed Google Chrome and tried to launch...rec'd "Page(s) unresponsive" message. Never able to reach start page. Uninstalled GC. Am starting to think that the combination of Vista+this CPU+3GB memory is no longer enough to load any but the most basic web pages. Looks like I'll have to rely on IE9 only until I can afford a replacement.

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I have been without my Vista system for about 10 months now. Back when I did have it in general I had no problems with browsers except for certain sites which were graphic and image intensive.


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Uninstalling Firefox may leave the user profile data intact for a reinstall. Suggest uninstalling again and manually deleting all the profile data. Reinstall, which will then create a new user profile.

Backup your bookmarks before uninstalling and deleting the profile, so you can import them into the new profile. There's a backup function (and import function) under Bookmarks / Show All Bookmarks.

I had a situation recently in which Firefox stopped working with my online banking billpay service. The page would load with no errors but blank. IE worked OK but I refuse to use IE. Just my local bank. Three credit card accounts elsewhere, brokerage account, and other secure sites worked OK. Local bank worked OK with the Firefox Default user, which is not the profile I use for myself. I keep Default bare with no add-ons or bookmarks saved. Apparently something went awry in my user profile. I created a new profile (without reinstalling), copied bookmarks to it from my previous profile, reinstalled my add-ons, and that solved the problem.

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