Need Help with Granite Color Selection

JZeldNovember 27, 2012

My wife and I are struggling to pick a granite color for our bathroom remodel. We have dark (black) cabinets and the vanities already have a painted glass. The area we are purchasing granite for is between the two vanities, where my wife will also have a make-up area. My wife does not like "spotty repetitive" patterns. We had narrowed our selection down to Samba ( and Wild West Green (

The concern on the Wild West Green is whether that color will fit our room and whether it will quickly look dated.

The concern on the Samba is that there is too much movement.

For either one we would see a template before giving final approval.

Anyone have any thoughts, or suggestions? Thanks very much in advance.

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Here are your photos...


Wild West Green:

The selections you've made so far are beautiful and it's well on it's way to being a gorgeous room.

I love the Samba granite for two reasons... I personally love granite with lots of movement, it's so much more interesting to me than (as your wife describes) spotty repetitive patterns. Also, I really like the warm and cool tones in it. It does look more cool/gray than your room appears in the photo (although maybe it isn't quite as warm-toned IRL) Have you been able to take your floor tile to the granite yard?

The Wild West Green is very pretty also but I tend to favor granites in neutral tones. I'm always reluctant to commit to a particular color in such a major way.

Your colors are similar to my masterbath where we used Moxura:

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Samba, it has the warm brownish coloring mixed with the gray. It looks like the same color combo that is in your room tannish walls and black cabinets. As mentioned by Treasure, the tile will be an important element to match.

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Samba hands down. Definitely gather some floor and shower tile and accent samples to take and see with the slab. It's amazing and with the right finishes will be beyond stunning!

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Thanks everyone. Treasuretheday -- your bathroom is amazing and we love all the details. It looks like you even have a speaker to play music!

On our MBR, I think the picture and lighting is making the room look a little more brown than it actually is in reality. The name of the floor tile is silvercloud (marble -- pic attached). The wall color was a color match off of the tile. There is certainly a hue of borwn/tan but also grey.

We are now being told that they may not have enough granite to do the Samba and won't be getting any more (they say the mine they got it from closed and they haven't gotten new pieces ina few years). Can anyone suggest anything similar? We're also open to any other suggestions. Should we be looking for greys? We are torn because we want to keep a clean/modern spa look, but we also want the granite to pop a bit since everything else is so muted.

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We are using Ivory Supreme (also looks like/known as Super White) with our very dark cabinets. And lots of grays. It's not that easy to find but I've seen on GW quite a few people using it now, in place of marble.

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Personally, I would like the gray better than either of the two you showed, for all that they are beautiful stones.

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Your floor is warm gray. I do not like it with the cooler gray of Phylhl superwhite above. The superwhite is spectacular, though with that warm tannish gray of your floor, I think there should be a better match in gray tones. Grays can be hard to read, the undertones can be green, browns, reds, blues. I am looking forward to what else you find out there.

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Now that I re-read your post - you're looking for a modern/spa look. I would think a Caesarstone or Silestone would fit the bill. You could really make it very zen....

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Thanks again everyone. The Samba is out and we've soured on the Wild West Green so we're back to the granite yard and I'll be sure to look for superwhite as well as see what they might have available in Caesar/Silestone. I'll post pics, including better pictures of the bathroom.

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