Counter Depth Fridge - "tall" storage on shelves?

hbrrbhOctober 19, 2013

Looking for a CD French Door fridge is torture! I'm concerned about having room to store taller items inside the fridge -- I know that some models have gallon storage on the door, but a lot of times the doors aren't in fact cold enough to store milk, which means it would need to go on the inside shelves. The Kitchen Aid KFCP22 seemed to have a good set up, but there seem to be so many terrible reviews about reliability! Are the Electrolux Icon's any better? But those shelves seemed shorter. Does any one have a CD French Door fridge that they purchased in the last year or so that is reliable and has enough storage height?
(By the way, we don't care about having a water dispenser, would gladly forgo this for greater capacity.)
Thanks for any suggestions.

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In July I purchased the Electrolux IQ Touch CD FD with perf. temp drawer, no water/ice through door (didn't want to lose fridge storage and in reading reviews that seemed to be one of the complaint areas in most FD reviews across brands). The shelves are adjustable. I like it.

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I also have the Elux - when I left for 2 weeks in a hurry, i forgot to toss the milk stored in the door- I was dreading coming home to yucky milk - it was still fine... I have not measured the temps but the fridge is almost 4 years old and keeps food quite fresh.
I can adjust the shelves as well - So I have one shelf that is tall enough for San Pellegrino bottles and then the shelf above is tall enough for gallon milk jugs.
I also adjusted the door shelves so that I can put a wine bottle in that location as well.

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Have the Samsung CD French Door. NO issues with milk storage on doors. The fridge is spot on with temperature control. All shelves are adjustable. Plus several shelves have height options....sections flip up or slid away allowing more height to the shelf below. I would not get a CD French Door if you have kids and do not have a second fridge in the basement or garage. I am not a fan of the bottom freezer and would never buy one again.

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