curving staircase

krash634September 19, 2012

Has anyone included a curving staircase into their plans? My builder said that it costs about 3 times more to do one of these(than tradional stairs), and he estimated about $10,000. Does this seem about right?

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I am building a curved staircase. Mine is much smaller scale, so not sure if the pricing would compare. And I imagine geography plays a major factor. But a large portion of the cost for me is the ironwork which must be custom (and my GC has to sub it out). I think if I chose to do wood spindles, it would be a lot less expensive because my GC can do the woodwork himself. The wood stair treads and risers don't cost much more than a regular staircase, except that you have to buy larger pieces to cut them for the curves.

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Much more labor intensive as the stringers need to be curved, they entire construction process is different, handling tin the shop, delivering to the site, installing them in your opening, all are more challenging than standard stairs. 3 times the price may even be a little cheap from what I seem to recall. And that is without even getting into the railing which will be custom curved no matter what type you consider.

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