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foggyjAugust 3, 2011

When I minimize a screen it becomes part of the Edesign at the bottom of the screen. It will not allow me to keep the minimized screen and go to a new one. I have to go out, to go to a different screen, then go to favorites, to find the subject, and bring it back..

How can I hold something at the bottom bar, and go to my mail for instance? If I want to send something in an e-mail, I have to copy and paste it.

I tried to do the window key, and arrow, which minimizes it. That's not the problem. I can't keep it there, and go into another site.

How to do that?

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By Edesign I assume you mean the bottom taskbar. If you were to advise us on the program or browser that is giving you this difficulty someone will no doubt come along with a solution.

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Yes, e-design for(internet explorer) My DH spent some time, trying to find the way to keep a site minimized, while opening another. He found the tabs stay at the top bar now, and right clicking will allow access to IE.
Thank you for your response.

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Yes, I use IE9 as my browser in Win 7 Pro. You can open up a new browser window just as you described, and when you have 2 or more windows open, just put your cursor over the Edesign, and all your windows will show across the bottom of the screen. Then you can access any one of them or remove them as you wish. Pretty cool, huh?

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I didn't like this at first, but as I learn more, I see the coolness! LOL Thanks.

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