advice about reselling new appliances

jfnewhouseOctober 23, 2013

I removed two new appliances in our new house that are not exactly what we wanted. I was hoping to get high $ value, but have not been getting many bites on my adds.

The two are a 48" wolf gas cooktop with griddle and a 48" built in Jenn Air fridge freezer.
Both are "new" installed about 8 months ago. The griddle on the Wolf has never been used and burners are all still clean looking (used lightly over summer).

I've tried local mailing lists, and local Craigs list. Here's my question: how much would be your price for one of these? I had hoped to give 25% discount, but no nibbles.
I guess some of the problems are that 48" is large- many houses can't acomodate them. Plus, if you're in the market for one of these, maybe you just want it from the dealer. They are also big- you need your contractor to move them and install- not back of a pickup for this fridge.

If you were a buyer or seller, where would you think the post to get the best result? and how high a price (percentage of new) would you pay for an unused appliance 8 months old, that has sadly already been delivered to a home? Are there issues I have not listed above?

I would love advice on this matter. For two top of the line appliances, in new condition, the typical "free is a good price on craigslist" does not seem appropriate.

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You'll be lucky to get 50% on a used appliance. Sorry but they are considered used if they were installed in your house. Only considered new if in original cartons.

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One more issue - if the appliances are 8 months old, most of the warranty will be gone - that will also hurt resale.

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curious, what brands/models do you plan on replacing em with?

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Additional warranty ?s:
Are warranties valid if ownership changes?
What about extended warranties? If they exist, do they transfer?
I can see why the warrantor would be uneasy or not warrant - there's the additional moving and installation.
But I don't know the facts.
You could also search eBay to find out both asking prices and what things go for if used.

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When I am looking for something on Craigslist, I am looking for a deal. To me, that means at least 50% off of new prices, regardless of how "new" it looks. The more pictures you post, the better, and describe the items as accurately as possible without resorting to "sales" BS.

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Thanks very much for the feedback. I fear that 50% is probably about what I will get.

What's going in instead you ask? Well, I use the grill on my current Wolf range several times a week, but I would never use a griddle. So it's getting swapped for a 48" with grill. The fridge -- I Hate hate hate it. Shiny mirror finish stainless that shows spots and smudges like crazy. More spots than on my brushed stainless fridge at old house. Plus, I never had ice in the door, but it's a pain to constantly have to unclog it! Something we don't need that makes problems. I also hate the layout with the "equipment guts" up high, and the veggie drawers down by my ankles. Replacing with a 30" Miele fridge next to a 24" Gaggenau freezer. This is sort of like the Freedom columns setup we have currently. I had planned to do Freedom here too, but I don't like the current models as much as the older ones! The new LED lighting is dim and grey, and they no longer have the electric top shelf. The fridge and freezer doors will be bamboo cabinetry to remove glare from the scene. The Jenn Air model will not allow that either.

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Hope Gary doesn't read this one, he'll probably keel over.

Jf- craigslist can be a good avenue for you. What you ( and everyone else) have to keep in mind is that CL is not an instant sales tool. Things that aren't absolutely fire sale priced are going to need a few weeks to find a target audience. You've also alluded to the other thing- a 48" stove doesn't it in the average person's kitchen or budget. You can't just swap out you old clunker for a new one at 48". Ditto with the fridge. So, your target market is extremely small to start with. Then they have to be hunters to find your ad.

Have you asked the dealer of your new gear if he takes consignments?.

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I read it, xedos!

You may have seen other post by me expressing how hard it was to keep my old GE SS fridge clean and also the SS KA DW, so NO argument there, I would never have another SS fridge or DW.

The OP obviously has a different model than I do, since mine is paneled and very easy to keep looking nice.

Due to the fact that we have long haired cats, I really like that the "works" are up above,~~~~~I have to clean the condensor a lot less than I do my Elux wine fridge, (whose "works" are on the ground). I also find it easier to vacuum the condenser on the JA, rather than getting on my hands and knees to clean the Elux~~~~~"different strokes for different folks".

I also purposely chose one without ice and water on the door as that was always a PITA with the old GE, so no disagreement there either.


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ya know I was just pokin ya , right ?

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