Safe to buy online??

gdapuppyraiserOctober 10, 2009

I need to buy a Bosch dishwasher, a Sharp Microwave Drawer and a Wine Refrigerator. I looked online and found some good prices. The sites I found were abnd They were cheaper than the others, including us-appliances and ajmadison. Does anyone have anyexperience with either one? I don't want to make a mistake and order form a company that cannot be trusted.

Thanks for your help.

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trevorlawson's website is very very simular to AJ Madison.....could they be the same company under a different name?

I see they are only 1.8 miles from each other if you look up AJ Madison reviews you will get a better understanding of who actually is

Its pointless even commenting on they are not even an appliance, if you are shopping on price good luck with either if you want service look else where.

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I purchased all my appliances on line which include a monogram refrig, beverage refrig, cooktop, GE monogram aventium oven and conv. oven thru US appliance. A hood vent thru AJ Madison. The appliances came timely and had no damage. They do not install. This was the first time I had made such a purchase on line. Saved alot of money. I had email notification when the order was placed and shipped out and a phone call from the shipper the day before delivery.

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We have purchased appliances online through ebay and have saved quite a bit of money. Had good luck with everything except a cooktop that was damaged in
transit and then was never delivered to us. If you have the patience to look and look and look some more, go for it. The search gets a little tedious after awhile. I have not purchased anything from the online stores...their prices are all very similar, and they all have good ratings. And they do offer savings. But sometimes shipping costs can be pretty pricey.

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channonholiday_yahoo_com has 28 reviews at All but 2 of the reviewers' accounts were created on the day they reviewed ApplianceConnection, and they never reviewed any other stores. That is VERY suspicious to me.

It could be that all the NY/Bronx photographic equipment stores selling incomplete camera kits and non-US warranty products (with a hard sell for overpriced accessories that if you don't accept, you have your order canceled) have tainted my opinion of NY-area stores, but I would stay away from this store until I could find real independent reviews of this store.

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trevorlawson offers Bluestar as a line of ranges, cooktops and hoods....but they are not authorized dealers, so no warranty, no after sales, no factory assistance... NOTHING

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I checked's web site for the range hood I bought on line and I didn't find ANY bargains at
I used after I spent weeks searching the best price on a Broan e66136wh. I ordered yesterday. I expect it next week.
They do have some microwave drawers, 1 dishwasher and Wine Refrigerators.

Here is a link that might be useful: Sale Stores

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First off, I never trust anyone that uses GoDaddy as a domain registrar

Exactly why is that? What difference does it make who the registrar is?

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GoDaddy is reasonably well known in the industry to (a) have the lowest prices out there (we're talking prices that are generally in the $5-10 range -- so not using GoDaddy is only a couple dollars a year more, "in the noise" unless you are registering hundreds or thousands of domains, and (b) have some very questionable registration practices that are arguably friendly to less-reputable sites (such as domain "parking" of unregistered sites. Why hundreds or thousands of sites? You have someone put a "garbage" site on each that points to your "real" site and you go up in the search engine rankings.

If you choose to use GoDaddy, I believe that generally you are either or both inexperienced in online marketing or shady.

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They are the worst online experience I have had .
They sold me 1/2 of a GE cooktop ( I was under the impression I was buying the full unit) , then when I did not receive the second set of burners and complained , they said I would need to give them an additional $292 for the second set of burners .
Let the buyer beware

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I recently bought a GE gas range from

I too was nervous about making such a big online purchase, but the range arrived 9 days after I placed my order and in perfect condition. Not to mention, the price was $300 cheaper than that at Lowe's or Home Depot.

Customer service was friendly and responsive. All around I have been incredibly impressed and do not have enough good things to say about the site.

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If time is not important to you, go ahead and use this company. I waited 16 days for my fridge to be delivered (from Brooklyn to Huntsville). They give you a tracking number but it doesn't tell you anything. It only tells the origin and destination, which isn't really tracking. Then, they made an appointment to deliver it saying they would be here between 12 and 4. The guy showed up at 6!!I am happy with my fridge but it was a loooooong wait.

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My experience buying with Appliances Connection was absolutely horrific! The two large appliances I ordered took over a month to reach me. Both were damaged but I wasn't aware of the structural damage to the dishwasher until after the delivery receipt had been signed. The company, for which there is no reliable person responsible, is forcing me to arrange and pay for return shipment of the defective item, at a cost of $175.I have spent days and days for hours at a time on hold and debating the claim with them. On several occasions the customer service representatives have accused me of damaging the dishwasher myself. I am appalled and disgusted by the shady business practices and truly monstrous customer service of this company. At this point we have gone almost two months without a dishwasher, will be out $175 and feel really abused by Appliances Connection. Do NOT shop here if you value your sanity!

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Appliance Connection is absolutely a company to stay away from. I purchased a Broan 48" Range Hood that was damaged in delivery as it is dented. There also appear to be some manufacturer defects - make you wonder if they are purchasing seconds and passing them off. At any rate they have no form of customer service. Yes they do infer that the purchaser damaged the appliance as they did so with me. Aaron the rep from the company was soooo abusive it was unbelievable - screaming and yelling and stating he was a Brooklyn scumbag - still not sure what that was about. Told me to go ahead and report him to New York AG as they are friends, which may explain why they get away with what they do.

They wanted me to pay for shipping the damaged appliance too. When I refused that they said they would replace it but would charge my credit card and then refund the money. Luckily I read to see they have done this to others and it takes months and months of fighting to get their money back - if they do. I am really baffled why this company has been allowed to get away with these tactics.

Wanted me to sign off on them using my cc and were going to send me email instructing me how to do so. I told them my brother who is an attorney would have to review this prior to any agreement and low and behold the email was never sent to me. Tells me volumes about this organization.

Stay away - wish I had read the reviews.

Here is a link that might be useful: pissed off consumer appliance connection

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StageStop, thank you for the review of this online store! Thanks for the warning.

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This is an update to my original posting on Appliances Connection. I believe it is only right to give credit where due.

Well...the news is good, but not because of Appliances Connection as they never made good and just played games over the last two months. The manufacturer of the rangehood, Broan-nutone is replacing the damaged rangehood. They already picked up the piece of junk that has been sitting in my living room for the last two months plus and the new rangehood will be delivered Wednesday, Nov. 20, 2013.

Broan is doing this at their expense, including pick up and delivery. It appears there are companies out there that care about their customers and their reputation.

So to all of you that have been victims of Appliances Connection appeal to the manufacturer and hopefully if they have to absorb the costs of companies like Appliances Connection they will stop them from selling their products. That is what would be ideal, stop this company in it's tracks.

Broan-Nutone - the highest ratings possible.
Appliances Connections - there aren't enough negative numbers to apply to this company.

Thanks Broan-Nutone.

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Appliance connection yea I did it, ordered late last week and took delivery this Wednesday right before Thanksgiving, They called and said deliver between 7 and 11 AM, they were here and gone by 10AM and took it up driveway to back door. I told them I would get it from there...
Box was not damaged and washer was as All hoses were there and it plugged in and was put to work by my visiting son and all his dirty laundry. Unit is new so all I can say is it works well and we'll see how long it lasts. The GE it replaced was only 3.5 years old and bearings went out as it roared when in spin cycle.

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Oh sure, you save a little bit of money - until you get a lemon and have to return it - then you're scrwed. The shipping fee back is far, far more than you might have saved on that purchase (and your previous 2 or 3 to boot!)

Compactappliance. com is another shady outfit - I think a lot of them use similar tactics of running out the clock so you don't get your refund and its too late to file a chargeback with your credit card co. My experience with them included fake EBay messages (you can tell if it appears in your email but not in your EBay account) and all kinds of shenanigans. Luckily I got in my chargeback claim just in time. Just be sure to document everything and be aware of deadlines with filing complaints with paypal, credit card cos etc. and possible conflicts (eg you may not be able to file a complaint or investigation in one place if you have one in somewhere else.) Be aware that trying to get your refund will be your full time job for awhile.

You just need one experience like that and suddenly Sears doesn't seem all that bad anymore!

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Appliancesconnection is a scam operation based out of Brooklyn. They have a professional looking website, but beware. They deliver damaged and used appliances even though they advertise them as new. Then they bully you into keeping them. They are committing fraud. That's why the prices are so low. They also post fake ratings and reviews and use search engine optimization techniques to make themselves seem legit. Please avoid them at all costs. If you have already purchased from them, I suggest contacting the NY attorney general.

Here is a link that might be useful: Better Business Bureau 218 complaints

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Appliancesconnection is the worst company I have ever dealt with online. I have been buying online since the late 90s. I have bought large items online before (vehicles, big screen tvs, etc.) and had mostly good experiences.

i bought 3 appliances online from Appliancesconnection about 7 weeks ago. I still have not received them. I have been hung up on and lied to by their terrible customer service multiple times.

Whatever you do, do NOT purchase anything from them. I would not buy from them again if they were offering ovens for 5 dollars. They're that bad. Huge mistake!

I don't usually post reviews online but if I can help one person save the trouble I am going through it will be worth it.


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I ordered a refrigerator, range, microwave and dishwasher from AppliancesConnection (AC) for my kitchen remodel. After researching I determined exactly what specific brand and models I wanted. I shopped the Internet thoroughly for the best price and found three retailers selling what I wanted much less than anyone else. I read all the reviews on these sellers I could find as I was concerned about customer service quality. I went with AC and hoped for the best. The entire experience was great. I love the way they open an online ticket when the order is placed and all correspondence is documented on that ticket. They were always very responsive. When I found a small dent on the side of the range top during installation I notified AC and they immediately arranged for a replacement top. The only potential issue you should be aware of is expect a somewhat lengthy delivery timeframe. My order took about two months from order to delivery. I'm sure this is due to AC consolidating orders with distributors/manufacturers in order to maximize savings. In my case well worth it as my cost was almost 40% off MSRP. Highly recommended if you have the time!

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@plturne.....Wow!!!!! 40% off of MSRP. That is great! What brand of appliances? I am wondering if that would apply to high end brands like Wolf and Blue Star. Anyway, when I decided to purchase the Wolf all gas range, I preferred to purchase from a local retailer. There is something comforting about being able to drive a few minutes away to get help with an issue. I am concerned about good service. Buying online would cause me too much anxiety.

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Charon and all, the local independent appliance stores that still are around have learned how to be competitive with the big boxes and, to some extent, with the internet - they compete by providing good service. You will pay more than the absolute lowest (but often deceptive) prices that you might see online..... but really, not all that much, and often quite in line with what you'll see online. There's one place I know of that has a good reputation that can order just about anything and deliver straight to your house - it has good prices because of the volume ( they sell a lot to builders and homeowners from this whole corner of the state).

Isn't looking somebody in the eye and knowing your helping to support your local economy worth SOMETHING?

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