Dell Dimension 4700 it won't boot

samtom_gwAugust 28, 2014

Dell Dimension 4700
XP 35 GB HD with adequate free space and 2 GB of RAM (Max for this machine)

Won't boot

Last used in April. Today, I attempted to boot to clean the HD to give to a collge age person

When power is turned on, it starts the boot process and the HD light flickers and the does not relight at all. Plus, when first powerednup, it gives off 4 to 6 "beeps" and then quiet. The monitor remains dark. Except there are three buttons to the left of the monitor light, when I punch any one of them it tells me I'm in safe mode and to click any key or click the mouse. Then the message goes away and the screen is dark again.

Sometimes the fans run like normal, other times they do not start when turned on.

I've checked all connections and tried anything I know which is limited.

There were no problems when discontinued using in April. I had a new laptop and thought I had become familiar enough with Win 8.1 to make the switch.

What am I facing, HDD or motherboard failure? Thanks for your input.

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Older computer, the bios battery is probably dead. Or it has a card or connection that has come loose or corroded slighty and not really making a good enough connection.

You can try entering bios and set and save the defaults.

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If the battery is dead as Mikie suggests they can be had for about $3. It is about the size of a quarter and easy to change. Be sure to remove the power cable and rest your bare arm on the metal frame while working inside the case, a tiny clip on one side holds the battery in place.

You need to verify how many BIOS beeps you have then compare to the Dell chart here. Knowing that will be very helpful.

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Thanks to Mikie and Owbist for your information. I'll get a battery our next trip to town. We live 30 miles out in the boonies.

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