Size of Master Suite-Bathroom and Closet

ash6181August 31, 2011

In my plan review post, I've received several comments that my master bath/closet area is huge. Perhaps I've overreacting to the super tiny bathroom in our current house, and the closet shortage. In a house of around 3500 square feet on the two main levels, what size master suite areas would be about right, or "average"? What dimensions or area would you expect to see?

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The master in our new build is 16 x 14. I don't have my plans in front of me, but our bath isn't very large. However, it makes great use of the space so we still have 2 vanities, shower, toilet closet and soaking tub. We do have a large closet though. Even though our new build is a larger home, we are downsizing our bedroom and master bath from our current home, and upsizing our closet.

It felt right for us to make the master bedroom & bath smaller and have larger living areas in this new build.

You should make your rooms the size you want and don't worry about what others think! You will be living in the house and you know how you live and what space you'd like!

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We did the same as Downsy. Our house is a ranch with 2600+ sq ft on the main level with a finished basement. Our bedroom is the same size as Downsy's, with a nice 5-piece bath, and BIG closet/dressing room, and no dressers in the bedroom. We've been in the house for 3 months, and I love this arrangement.

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I agree with downsy.

Our current house is about 3000 sq ft. Our master is upstairs with a 16x19 bedroom, 11x14 sitting room and 10x14 bathroom. But, our new house will be 5500 sq ft with a first floor master...we are doing a 16x17 bedroom, a small 6x10 bump out space for one chair/table (bc we never use our sitting room), and an 11x17 bathroom. So, our house is increasing, but the master suite/area is decreasing!

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You should build the house YOU want!

But, if you're just looking for info, our house is right at 3500 sq feet on two floors and our master is 15X17. We have two walk-in closets - each about 7x9. The masterbath is somewhat oddly shaped so giving dimensions wouldn't be helpful but overall it is about 120 sq feet. So, total space devoted to mastersuite area is right at 500 sq feet.

I have no idea if our mastersuite area is over, under, or right at the average for homes of our size... and don't care! It was the right size for us. And,you have my personal permission to do whatever is right for you. LOL!

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Our house is 2590 sq. ft. and the master "suite" (room/bath/closet) is 664 sq. ft. of that. Obviously, we splurged a lot on that side of the house we use daily.... It is definitely a personal choice. I had a too-small space before, and I wanted to change that.

Master - 16 x 21 (In retrospect, this could be smaller... :) we like it a lot, though.)

Bath - 16 x 12 (There is a large open space in the center, a huge shower, linen closet, etc.... It could have been smaller, but I love that the mirrors don't get foggy when I shower because they are on the opposite end. I also love that I don't get hot when I am blow drying my hair. (A small room with shower steam and a blow dryer heats up really fast... makes getting ready difficult......!)

Closet - 8 x 17 (There are two doorways in this room. This room is sized perfectly. We keep suitcases in here on top of our clothes/shoes/accessories.)

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Our house started with 3800 square feet, with a giant master suite:
-master bedroom 13' x 30' (longer than needed)
-master bath 250 square feet
-master closets: 12' x 18'

We added 400 square feet of living area downstairs, so added on a 10'x10' sitting area off the master.

Go big or go home. :-)

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Question for those of y'all with huge MBRs: What exactly do you use all the space for?

Our current MBR is about 12x15 and we've got a bed, 2 dressers, and a tv table. While we'll certainly welcome large walk-ins and a moderate MBa, we're not sure what exactly we'd do to fill a large bedroom. Especially if all the clothes were in the closet and we no longer need dressers. But it's hard to find a plan these days where the master suite doesn't include a 400+ sq ft bedroom.

Case it point, we looked at a newer home over the summer. The master suite was on the 2nd floor. The bath & closets were above what was the laundry/mudroom, and were decent sizes. The master bedroom was over the 2 car garage, so it was 22x24 or something, plus a vaulted ceiling. All that was in it, at the far end of the room, was a bed and a pair of nightstands. It looked hilarious. Like living in a basketball court. Made us realize how much superfluous furniture we'd need to buy to fill such a space.

So for those of us currently shoe-horning into modest spaces, what else do you have in a master suite when you get to the other end of the size spectrum? Sofas? Treadmills? Desks?

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16 x 21 .... the king bed is on a 16 foot wall..... the TV is on the opposite wall (facing the bed directly.) There are two end tables on either side of the bed. I think 16' is a nice width. Nothing is crammed in, but there isn't too much extra room.

We do, however, have extra room between the end of the bed and the TV. (So, the 21' feet does create extra space that begs for something to be done to it.) Because my DH comes home mid-shift in the late evening, we are putting a small couch in front of the bed. This will give him a place to sit when he is home on break/lunch (while I'm in bed getting ready to sleep.)

If we had more traditional sleep/work schedules, we certainly wouldn't need anything in that space....

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Our house is 2900 sq ft, single level. (Plus garage, screened porch, terraces, etc.)

Our master suite is in a rectangle roughly 15 X 40 (600 sq ft/20% of the house). The rest of the house is a guest room, a library, a foyer, LR, DR, kitchen, breakfast room, and back hall with laundry and powder room. It's 2 (or 3) BRs, 3.5 baths.

The doorway from the bedroom hall is near the middle of the suite's length. MBR is 15wide X 19long but three of the 19 feet are partially 'walk-through'. A king bed, side chests, bench, and a chaise and side table are in the remaining 15 X 16. There is also a 10 X 2 bay on the long wall opposite the bed with a writing desk and chair.

*Important* to me: There is enough of space within the room for two adults to walk past one another. There is light from two sides of the room. The headboard is on an interior wall. There is airflow from one end of the rectangle to the other. The closets can be accessed without disturbing anyone in the bathroom. There is no TV.

Our bath is 15wide X 11deep plus an alcove that adds three feet to the width (linen). Two large pedestal sinks back to the closets with deep medicine chests inset above them. Toilet room, airjet bathtub, and shower are in a row opposite. There are windows over the tub, beside one sink, and in the toilet room. There is a powerful (but quiet) exhaust fan.

MBR and bath are connected by an 8 foot long center hallway flanked by two walk-in closets with pocket doors and daylight fluorescents. Ther is no door from MBR to hallway. The bathroom has a pair of French doors.

It isn't all about how MUCH space, but how it 'lives' for you.

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Echoing the "it's all about YOUR life" advice.

Do you have a King sized bed or are you happy spooning in a full size?

Do you both read in bed and want large nightstands?

Will you ever spend time in your bedroom other than sleeping?.... ie will it need to have an easy chair, reading area or desk?

Do you watch TV in your bedroom? If so are you giant tv folks or do you prefer just a tiny set hidden in a small piece of furniture?

How full are your current closets and what is their current size?

After answering these questions, I'd plan for a room that can comfortably suit your needs without being "tight" or having a lot of wasted space left over.

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Thanks for the input everybody. To clarify, I wasn't asking because I'm afraid of doing something different or feel I have to do what everyone else does, but I did want to make sure I wasn't being ridiculous. Why does the home building process make me second guess myself so much? Your answers have been reassuring, and I think the ideas I have in my head will work great for my husband and me. I don't need a huge bedroom, but I do want plenty of space in the bathroom and closets. Our closets will be for more than just holding clothing- I'd like mine to have a vanity area, and my husband has a gun safe or two that will go in his.

Is a 16 x 16 master bedroom large enough for a king size bed, two nightstands, and a TV? I can make it larger if needed. All clothes storage will be in the closet. Thanks again!

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Well it depends on the layout. We worked on our house plan awhile and we have now ended up with a 19 x 13 SF master bedroom. We could actually have fit everything in 16 x 13 (what we currently have in a rental before we build). But there were some plans that were larger and couldn't fit our furniture (kingsize bed, nightstands, armoire and loveseat).

New house will be 2600 SF with 19 x 13 master bedroom, 10 x 9 shared master closet. Master bath is L shaped with one part 7 x 14. The other part is about 10 x 10. Entire bath is about 200 SF.

Old house (4500 SF) master bedroom was 21 x 14 with two master closets with one about 11 x 6 and the other 8 x 6. Rest of bath was about 12 x 20. All of it was larger than we needed and had unused space.

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You can fit what you want in 16x16.

I am designing a tight space at just under 13x13. The plan is for a king bed, 2 nightstands and a TV (on the wall) with a dresser underneath.

A king really likes 13 feet. Anything more is airspace around the nightstands which most people like. For TV watching, I don't like our current bedroom at 18 feet long. I think our TV is 42 inches and it is a bit small at that distance. Either way - that is a pretty big TV to be "small" but at 18 feet away.....

Our current bedroom is about 14x18 and we have king, 2 nightstands, TV on wall, a chaise lounge and a bench at the end of the bed. It still looks a little spartan but we like it that way. I really think anything larger is too much - I wish ours had 3 feet less length and we didn't have that lounger which we don't often use. I've been a big fan of smaller master bedrooms but I am in the minority apparently. My only child is 19 months old - perhaps I'll change my tune in a few years. A big master closet with no dresser in the bedroom has apparently not shrunk the bedroom but I think it should.

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ash -- Get some graph paper and cutouts of bed, chests, bench, whatever you want to have in the MBR. Where is the 'walkthrough' space to get in and out of the room and to the closets and bathroom? Are there windows on two sides of the room? Can you and your DH pass one another without doing the side-step? lol

The early "Patterns" books have a lot about making the MBR a special, separate space, a 'nest' away from the rest of the house (and kids).

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With our room at 21' feet long, our 55" TV seems pretty small.... so what David said is very accurate.

"Is a 16 x 16 master bedroom large enough for a king size bed, two nightstands, and a TV?"

To me, yes. I just measured out what 16' x 16' would be in our room.. Everything (king bed, 2 night stands, tv) would easily fit, and it still would seem rather roomy without extra wasted space. It does depend on where you have windows and doorways....

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Thanks everybody. Good points about the TV seeming small, and considering where walkways are. I'll definitely do a furniture layout before we finalize the plans.

chisue, I do want our master area to be a retreat of sorts. Are you referencing the pattern language books?

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Large masters are fantasy living. It's how people wish they lived. It's the TV fantasy where you sit in the reading chaise wearing white lace honeymoon attire and ostrich slippers drinking a glass of sparkling wine while your smoking jacket clad husband massages your feet and you read a first edition Jane Austin. Real life is you grabbing a 2 minute shower while your 6 year old pounds on the door (or learns how to unlock it) and screams about the dog throw-up (that he's now eating) and the water goes cold because you just finished 6 loads of laundry from the 4 year old and your husband who both had the stomach flu at the same time. And now your 6 year old just threw up on the carerra marble floor--which will leave a permanent etch mark and maybe even a stain because he just drank a glass of cherry Gatoraide. You step out of the cold shower and slip on that same marble floor, hit your head on the granite vanity, and now the marble has another stain (blood this time, but at least it will match the Gatoraide), and the granite has a chip. And you're feeling queasy yourself. Both from the damage to your "spa" and the fact that now the circle of vomit is about to be complete. And you still need to bundle everyone in the van so you can drive yourself to the Emergency room for 12 stitches for you and some subQ fluids for the 4 year old. The dog sneaks in while you are gone and pees in your pebble shower while the cat watches from atop the cornice over your 8' window that he climbed his way up the silk drapes to get to.

The biggest issue with a large master is that you are paying a lot for space that rarely gets used. Maybe 1/3 or a bit more of the time you are there? And you're usually asleep! You don't notice all of the high ceilings and huge walkways with your eyes closed! But, you are paying to construct them and heat and cool them---and not using them for 2/3 of the time.

And now for some practical considerations outside of the realm of regurgitation. (Yes, the stomach flu is making it's rounds at my house right now. That's why I'm up this late.)

Those luxuriously large walk in closets are often space wasters rather than the Imelda's shoe lockers that they were intended to be. You get more storage per square foot from a reach in than you do a walk in, unless it's a galley walk through type space. Any time you have a corner, that's inefficient, and it's wasted space. One of the easiest ways to keep the square footage down and yet not to sacrifice any storage is to create a "closet wall" in a bedroom rather than a walk in. It can make for problems in siting furniture when you eliminate one wall from that possibility, so it's not automatically the best choice, but it is a goal to strive for: closet space without corners.

Master baths also waste space when they have too much open room. Anything larger than a second bedroom is going to be in that category. You don't need a 14'x20' space in order to have room to bathe and perform other bodily functions! Often, the big culprit is the inability to give up the large bath tub. 90% of all adults would rather have a large nice shower than a medium shower and a large tub. That large tub can be placed in a secondary bathroom as a tub/shower combo and used there for the 5% of the time it's ever used. That give you everything you will actually use, just distributed in a more space compact way.

Most people would rather slim down the master area and put that room in a kitchen or family room. Unless of course, the home's square footage (and budget) is pretty unlimited. Everything has it's tradeoffs.

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ash -- Yes, and the "Patterns of Home" (a bit easier to digest).

Green -- (Ah, how apt, eh Green?) Hope you are feeling better, but you wrote a very funny post anyway. I actually use our airjet tub frequently, but I deliberately chose one 'just my size' that fills in a couple minutes and that has a hand spray to swoosh it out easily after use -- before the jets get blasted dry. You couldn't GIVE me a surface for real *use* that needs the protection marble requires. (Years ago someone posted, asking how to 'fix' her enormous marble shower after her maid had ruined it with cleaning agents. Answer: Tear it out.)

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Green Designs, what a funny post! I hope you feel better soon. You are so right about the fantasy of living in those spaces. We have so many homes around us with ridiculous master suites. Some of the closets are as big as our current generously sized master bedroom. Speaking of Imelda, some of the architects I interviewed toured me through houses with separate shoe closets. My standard line to all the architects was, "We don't wash that much and we don't wear that much." In other words, we need adequate, even gracious bathroom and closet space, but we really don't need - or want - a round, tufted settee in the middle of the master bath.

In answer to the OP, we have a 17x17 bedroom now and it is plenty big. We have a king sized bed, two nightstands, two dressers, a sofa at the foot of the bed, a book/tv cabinet facing the sofa, two boudoir chairs and another bookcase. Our new bedroom will be slightly smaller. I think 16x16 will be plenty.

Best of luck with your design!

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Our home is 3800 square feet.

Master is 16 x 14. Room enough for a king size bed, armoire (we store linens, but you could put a tv in it). We don't have a reading chair but there's enough room by the patio doors if I want to put one in the future. I don't like to hang out in my bedroom. just sleep and maybe read. Tv's were banned from our master many years ago.

Anything bigger than 16 x 14 and you'll have to buy extra furniture to fill the space.

Our master bath is 12x16. A little extravagant-yes. Our closet is 9 x 14'. Yes, that's extravagant as well. But we use it and it keeps everything organized.



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funny post Green, hope you are feeling better.
I have a different pov...
first that I get up early to have my hour long soak
in the tub. only two of us here in my little house
but I would make my kitchen tiny tiny and expand my
bathroom. not a chair or lamp, but a clawfoot tub..
or a whirlpool tub. depends on the size I could expand to.
personal preference. back/neck injury...blah blah blah.

the thing I look at on plans for my clients is how many
supply grills...1-2 for bedroom..1 for bath and 1 per closet. if you supply 4-5 supplys of air
how does it make its way back to the return air?
undercutting the door 1" handles 1 grill.
jump ducts...transfer grills solve this problem.

as for ducts in closets, we pack our stuff tightly
next to a moisture source..shower/tub. over time
clothes mildew & smell musty. mold grows on leather.
depending on size of closet a 4" or 6" duct will suffice.

While I like usable compact space, to only have one way to
re-arrange the bedroom bothers me. I like be able to re-arrange. Again a personal prefrence.

I know that my post isn't dealing with the original
topic, but just wanted to provide food for thought
as you are in planning stages now. Better to think these
things out now than to have to live with them later.

I like your bathroom pps7, clean not overcrowded.

Chisue ( hi Chisue!) has a great idea in making cutouts
to see how you can fit/arrange and re-arrange furnishings.

enjoy your build, please yourself and as always...
Best of luck.

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Wow my room feels small... it's only 12x14 right now but will be 12x16 shortly when I demo the closets and move the doorframe to put in a king bed. That's like the perfect size. It accomodates a king bed, TWO dressers (but will be getting rid of one of them), two nightstands and a little chair. I have a 40" Tv on the wall and it's close enough to SEE. Two windows going to ONE (that's the sad part). Plan on having what I think will be a large bathroom (at longest point 15' and other direction longest point 12' but it's not square ... anyway, total square footage will be 148' in the bath. No tub either. Just a 6x4' shower, two vanities, a toilet, linen closet and a bench. Too large? Considering bedroom will be 192 sq ft only, I wonder but it looks ok on paper. Closet addition will be 7x12' then turn the corner for another 5'x5' and a small indent 2x2 (it's hard to explain has to do with the linen closet in the back) or so. Total SF on that will be 121 sf about? Is that too large or small? I don't know. Downstairs I'll be adding a laundry room 11-12' x 12'. I'll be converting the existing laundry room (which is 5'x6' approx and making that into a mudroom. And adding a storage room about the same size as the new laundry room. Who knows how it will be in the end. Probably a waste of space? I'll see what the designer comes up with but that's how I designed it so far. I hope I'm not locked into the wrong plan! LOL

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I agree with Green Designs. Design your bedroom for real life, and -- for me anyway -- I don't want my bedroom to be too tight, but I also don't see the bedroom as a place to splurge on space.

My current bedroom is just wide enough for a king bed + 2 large night stands to fit comfortably. I have a bunch of wasted space at the foot of the bed, and it tends to collect junk.

In my new bedroom:

- I intend to stick to the current width -- I think it's about 13', and we'll have less space at the foot. Since we'll have no furniture at the foot, I'm happy with 4-5' between the bed and the wall. That's plenty for two people to pass, or for a person using a walker.

- This is also enough space that -- if necessary -- we could remove the king bed and replace it with a hospital bed, and the healthy spouse could go to the den. Since this is to be our retirement house, I am thinking along the lines of "what if".

- We're downsizing nightstands and choosing wall-mounted lamps by the bed. Right now we just collect junk on our over-sized night stands. I saw something recently that interested me: It was an old-fashioned desk CUT IN HALF and made into two slim night stands. I have the perfect desk for this project, and -- would you believe? -- the middle drawer is broken! I just need someone to find someone to do the cutting work /edge finishing for me.

- We'll also do away with the dresser and keep ALL clothing in the closet. I firmly believe that keeping all clothing and clutter in the closet is the best way to keep the bedroom neat. As such, I'm going with a moderately large closet. We don't have that many clothes, but I want them to be easily accessible.

- Our current master bath is comfortable ... but too narrow. Our next bath is going to be a modest 9x11 ... which will allow a comfortable clawfoot tub, very large shower, single vanity and no-closet toilet. With a large window on the side, I'm happy with the layout.

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I am a little embarrassed to say that our Master Suite is a little over 1000 sq.ft! The total house is 4500 sq.ft, not counting a finished basement of an additional 1100 sq.ft.

The master bedroom consists of: A two story office of 10' x 21', two walk in closets of 11'x9', our actual bedroom part of 17' x 19', our bathroom of 17'x 9' and a sitting room of 16x15'.

If I had to do it all over again, I would actually make the walk in closets and bathroom bigger! My dream is to have a walk in closet that I could have a center island and chaise in! We had the option of eliminating the sitting room and making a 5th bedroom upstairs but we decided not to. We only have one child and the sitting room is actually used quite a bit by my husband. (It has a fireplace and a t.v.)

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Holy cow. 1000 sq ft? I don't know what to do with all that. Some people's houses are only that big...I prefer the cozy factor

To me it's more to clean, more to pay for, more to maintain, and colder. But depends on how large your family is I guess and what you do with the space. I only sleep in my bedroom. Do you ever use the sitting room? I sit in the office or the living room. Or on the bed to read or outside on the deck or porch. I never understood the need for a sitting room. I know people who have living rooms or formal parlors or sitting rooms and never use it.

I heard the trend (started this week with HGTV's new shows) are downsizing... people are buying small houses now to reconnect to family.

Though I see those shows, I don't think I want to downsize THAT much! I am thinking the middle is where I will stay!

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Our house is going to be around 2,200 sq feet.

Our master bedroom is 17 x 16. We are planning on a king bedroom set, tv stand, and our 2 small dog crates. Our old master bedroom was 20x20 and with a queen bedroom set plus doggie crates, we could literally do cartwheels. I liked the space in it, but it had a cathedral ceiling. So it did have an airy feeling to it, but it was also difficult to heat and cool the space. Our new bedroom ceiling is going to be a double box ceiling so it will be higher, but not too high.

Master bath is 10'6 x 11

Master closet is 16 x 6.

In total it's around 500 sq feet. When we were trying to trim down square footage, I wouldn't budge on the master suite. We are not planning to ever build another house, so I want this done right.

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Dahoov - It didn't start out being that large, but we opted for a sitting room over a potential 5th bedroom upstairs. We only have 1 child and it's just the three of us so we really have no need for a 5th bedroom upstairs. We have two seldom used guest rooms as it is. My husband does use the sitting room in our MS, we have a fireplace and a t.v. in there, he uses the room to relax. The office in the MS is actually his office and "man" room. He uses it quite a bit. The master suite is on it's own separate zone and we have a fireplace in the room so it's not too bad to heat or cool.

Although the house on the outside seems a bit large for 3 people, it's really not. We both work from home (thus we each need our own home office) and we entertain frequently. It's actually the right size house for us! The only room of ours that is rarely used is the formal living room. We spent far too much on furnishing it but if we hadn't I would have made it into a playroom for my son and his friends.

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there is no answer to this question i like my 38x17 space (includes closets, master bath, and bedroom) and my brother likes his 52x20 ft space complete with exercise and steam room
closets and sitting space)
all depends on your ability and desire to pay for it and what you want to do there (watch tv exercise sleep soak in the tub whatever.......maybe even do laundry.....

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I have an almost 400sq ft master bedroom including master bath in a two bedroom, 1500 sq ft house. I have a three person jetted tub, a five foot shower with seat, a 55" single vanity. and a separate wc. It's big enough so I can have my dresser in the bathroom containing my underwear/basic wear. So when I wake up in the morning, I can go take my shower, get out of the shower, dry off and put on my basics. Turn around, blow dry my hair, put on my make up. All without ever having to turn on a light in the bedroom and without disturbing my husband who probably is still asleep. I spend at least 25 minutes every morning in my bathroom. One of my must haves during the design was ample space for my hair dryer, brushes and straightener. I want to be able to dry my hair while having my straightener turned on and heating up and I need a dedicated spot for that.

At night, my 3 year old can comfortable splash in the tub, recreating a scene from godzilla with dinosaurs and boats while I relax in my recliner and whatch tv, while also keeping an eye on the kiddo because I do not have a door to my bathroom.

After the kiddo is in bed, if I want to I can take a nice long soak while watching House Hunters.

My master bath is massive in relation to the size of my house, but you know what? So what.

It's not "fantasy living". I don't have to live with a child bothering me or knocking on the door, I'm not wasting any space. I spend a lot of time in my bathroom and I enjoy every minute of it. I'm not wasting any space. I don't have marble tile, I have soft, non slip luxury vinyl plank. I have a regular, plain old shower instead of a custom tiled shower.

We only have one child. We don't entertain. We don't have a million overnight guests. If I had build 3 bedrooms, I would have one completely empty room that would never get used for anything except maybe some boxes. I don't even have furniture for a third bedroom. But the resale value!!! Who cares? I am not selling.

Instead I built a massively oversize bedroom for the one child. If he wants sleepovers, he'll have plenty of room for all of his friends without having to break out an air mattress in the living room. And he can keep all of his toys in his room. I hate toys in the living room.

Everyone advised us on this kid friendly feature and that kid friendly feature. Uhm...he's only 3 for one year of his life. So no. I'm not going with a Mickey Mouse light fixture and miniature urinal, things that were recommended to us in all seriousness during our build.

Moral of the story. Make your bathroom any damn size you want. It's your bathroom.

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Here's one angle, the shower is peeking out. I'll have to see if I have a picture of the shower. Where I'm standing to take the photo is the transition to the bedroom, the dresser is against the wall of my ample sized reach in closet which separates the rooms. The TV is located in the corner of the bedroom in line with the bath tub. And so is a big window with a million dollar view. Next to the tub is another big window with another million dollar window. I don't have any neighbors within hundreds of feet and it's super secluded and wooded. Extremely private.

The door leads to the wc.

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I have an over the top sized bathroom in the house I am renting and don't like it. It is both large area and high ceilings with a huge walk in shower. Sounds wonderful till it is a cold morning and you are taking a shower and hoping the room heats up. If I was in Florida that would not matter, but I am in TN and it gets cold. I could heat the house, but it is 6000 sqft, so having the whole thing at 80F so getting out of the shower is not so painful is an over the top solution. I have used a space heater.

Bigger costs more as we all know. I am renting this house and have discovered that big is not all it is cracked up to be. I am designing a smaller house and have learned a lot from this one. It is by far the biggest I have ever lived in.

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