silly question: shower head and tub drain location

M_N_ANovember 13, 2013

most of the time shower head and tub drain are on the same side. Is there a reason why?

When I wash my hair, I don't like the foam piling up on my feet. Also when the drain the water will flow longer and lesser chance to back up.

can I put them on opposite side? any issue there?

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I don't know specifically, but there are many showers using the linear drains and they are on the back wall, away from the shower spout I believe. And when people have a 2 headed shower, they both can't be over the drain can they :) Take a look on houzz for drain locations and see what you find...I just did a search and I think you will be pleased at what you see. Check out the link.

Here is a link that might be useful: Houzz shower drain locations

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yes I have seen different variation but most often they are on the same side

i think i just guessed why. for shower pan it probably does not matter but for tub, if people don't want to lean on the tub spout, they would sit on the other side (i.e. sitting on the drain)

Is that why? I dont take bath so I wouldn't know:P

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It's mostly because it's the shortest amount of pipe and the necessity for only one plumbing wall when they are all mounted centered one over the other up the wall.

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oh ok i see. as long as there is no hidden issue, I would like to put them on different side. thanks!

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The only real thing that matters in my view is the slope to get the water out of the pan. The drain needs to be at the lowest point. You still want to be able to stand on the surface without risk of slipping into the lowest point. So the slope can't be too shallow or too steep.

If you want to put the drain someplace against the far wall I don't see why there could be an issue, except as Ieffablespace mentions, the efficiency and cost of plumbing more run. In my remodel all my joist were in place. I had to plan carefully were all drains and water sources entered into the room. There were a few places where I had less than an inch tolerance to one side. If I couldn't make it work one way I had to go back to the drawing board. I did my own layout plans. I knew all my dimensions of fixtures. I consulted my plumber often. It is a team effort.

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