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esteban_2009August 7, 2012

Hi All,

Well, I finally got the computer my friends were going to put into the dumpster. It's a Compaq Presario, SR-1630 NX, depending on where I look, it was built in 2005 or 2007. It has a Athlon 64 3500 2.2 GHZ processor, a 200 GB 7200RPM hard drive. When I took delivery, it had two sticks of 256 MB memory. Late this aftrnoon a friend gave me two sticks of 1000 Memory for a total of 2000 which I installed. The original owner tried to wipe the HD before giving to me. When I start the computer it says "Windows could not start because the following file is missing or corrupt \windows\system 32\config\system. Need original set up CD-ROM. I downloaded and copyed Ubuntu 12.04 unto a CD and inserted the disk in my new machine and nothin happened. Any ideas what I may be doing wrong? Also, my new machine is NOT hooked up to my ATT DSL.

Any and help is welcome and appreciated.

Thanks to all,


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Pooh Bear

Is the computer set to boot from CD-ROM ??
Go into BIOS and make sure CD-ROM is the first boot device.

Pooh Bear

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Hi Poohbear,
Thanks for the quick response.
I have no idea if the computer is set to boot from CD-ROM or not. The page I described is the only page I can get to. I can't get to safe mode or anything else.
The previous owner tried to wipe the hard drive, I don't know what she tried or what program she used.

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Pooh Bear

Turn on the computer and IMMEDIATELY start hitting the F10 key.
The BIOS screen should come up.
The instructions for setting the first boot drive
are on the BIOS screen in the bottom right corner.

Pooh Bear

Here is a link that might be useful: BIOS Setup Utility Information and Menu Options

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Check out this page. If you have questions come back here with them.

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You do know I suppose that you can install XP on that machine as long as the original Microsoft sticker shows the 25 digit key? Use any XP Home CD but when asked to type in the 25 digits be SURE to use the sticker on the computer case. You would then need to visit the HP site to download the various drivers.

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ravencajun Zone 8b TX

You Must burn the live cd as an iso if you did not do that you don't have a working disc.
Download the file burn as an iso you can do the checksum also to verify it.
If you don't know how to burn an iso just google it there are lots of tutorials and free burners that do iso.

Here is a link that might be useful: Iso burning

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A big thanks to all who are helping with this project.

Pooh Bear: I used the F10 key like you said. I reset to first boot drive. While in the BIOS, I saw it had accepted the 2000 MB of memory.

Bob: Great information. It is now saved in my favorites.

Continued in next post.

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Continued from 21:09 post.
Obwist: Another copy/paste to save. However, on this machine I will not have Windows. It does still have the original Microsoft sticker and I can still read the digits.

RC: The first time I didn't burn as an iso. That is my problem for now, will work on that tomorrow. I don't know if this makes any difference, but the hard drive has no OS on it at this time.
Once again, thanks to all.

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ravencajun Zone 8b TX

No it does not need any os, put new iso burned live cd in drawer and boot pc from the cd, then you should see the options on the live cd including install.

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Richard (chuggerguy)

On my Acer, F12 gets me to the screen where I can select the device I'd like to boot from. If I remember correctly it's the escape key on my Presario. That's the way I do it, changing it in Bios works too of course.

Once you get it burnt properly and it boots up the first thing it will ask you is to choose a language and present you with a menu.

Personally, I'd select "Try Ubuntu without installing" and play around with it to make sure you like it. Expect it to run painfully slow from CD. It runs much faster from hard drive.

You can still install to hard drive while you're running from CD. It places an "Install Ubuntu" icon on the Desktop to make it easy.

If you've got time to play, you might want to try Mint too. I'd run Ubuntu for several years but recently found myself trying Mint and possibly preferring it over Ubuntu. Just a personal choice though, both are good.

I "was" dual booting Win 7 and Ubuntu but recently added Mint to the mix. I forget why. Well actually I do kinda remember why, but would rather forget. :)

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If my previous post confused you Steve I apologise. My thought was that perhaps you were unaware of the Windows option and felt forced to adopt Linux.

As RC noted you can easily install your Linux on a blank hard drive. Then if you are not satisfied at any point you can still install Windows and overwrite the Linux program - or create a dual boot computer using both programs.

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ravencajun Zone 8b TX

chuggerguy why do you prefer Mint? I have been considering trying it. I am going to have to do an upgrade real soon since I am still using Mepis 8 and it is out dated. I love Mepis and have thought I would just go with the latest version. But a lot of people I know really like Mint. Does it have KDE or GNOME? I really like KDE have always used it.
I also like the looks of the latest version of Ubuntu or Kubuntu. I need to make a decision and quit putting it off LOL.

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Every Linux Distro is the absolute cutting edge best. I know that for sure because I have read the reviews of at least 25 distros. Have yet to see a review that didn't have the reviewer gushing with excitement. It's enough to make a dog back out of a meat market.

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Richard (chuggerguy)


Honestly, I don't know why. I think to me personally, it just "feels?" better? :)

I do like the simplicity though, and the menu.

That's the Cinnamon desktop, seems to be based on Gnome but to me it has a KDE look to it.

I know I'm probably in the minority but I didn't hit it off with Ubuntu's new Unity interface. No real reason why. I installed gnome-panels to get "Gnome Classic" back. Resistance to change? Perhaps, if so, oh well.

I still have Ubuntu 10.04 on my server. Only supported through April 2013 I just noticed. I suppose I'd better let it upgrade soon.

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ravencajun Zone 8b TX

Thanks. I have a 500 GB hard drive so I can easily put a couple different distros and try out, then eliminate the one I don't like.
I just hate change and have been so happy with Mepis 8.
I need to burn a few isos and see how the live cd looks on my system.

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Good evening folks,
Wow! What a challenging evening I have had. I burned a copy of Ubuntu using the InfraRecorder. I can get to the language page and select English, the next page gives me 5 choices, Try Ubuntu without installing, Install Ubuntu, Check disk for defects, Test memory and Boot from first hard drive, non of the above do anything except send me to a blank purple screen, then to the Compact screen, then a doss screen with something about Windows missing a file, then back to the purple screen with two small smybols at the bottom.
I have had enough for one night, will work on it more tomorrow.
Once again, any and all help is welcome.

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No apology necessairy. I did not know about that Windows option. I now have it saved, thanks for bringing it to my attention.
The reason I am trying to put Ubuntu on my new (to me) machine is partially due to cost and partially due to curosity.

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ravencajun Zone 8b TX

Was just reading on a linux forum some having issues and it made me think, have you used the partition tool on the live cd to create a partition for the installation? Not sure which is on that cd may be gparted, at any rate do that! You can select the entire drive in there which is the easiest, or divide it if you want another partition for something else.
I know back in one of my installs I tried to use the entire 500 gb drive and it just wouldn't work, nearly drove me and my linux guru nuts, good thing he was there to see it he would never have believed me, but the issue was there was a size limit!! I finally for some reason decided to try making a 125gb partition and bam! We were in business! Now day's with these huge hard drives I would hope that isn't an issue.

In reading some forum posts on various new distros I think I will take a look at Kmint. I need to get busy burning.
By the way I saw a lot of comments about not caring much for the Unity on Ubuntu.
Since I try to go GUI totally the one that has the best will be a selling point. I honestly just can't remember command line anymore, swiss cheese brain!

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You are lucky to have a resident linux guru. And the command line never works for me. Even pasting in the commands doesn't cut it.

I had Mepis 8.5 dual booted with W/Xp Home and tried to remove it (Mepis). Well I had to also remove the grub boot loader. On reboot I got Error Code 21 (I think) which is the worst on earth. Finally progressed to Error Code 15, 2nd worst. Arghhh. At this point I gave up and installed W/xp pro just to undo all the partitions and get rid of the whole shebang.

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I hope this post isn't straying too far away from the original topic. I'm getting ready to start a Linux class next week, and we will be using SUSE Linux Enterprise 11. Anyone got any advice or comments about this particular version of Linux?

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ravencajun Zone 8b TX

That is why I never dual boot on the same drive with windows things can go very bad fast and I have seen it happen to so many on the various linux forums. I have my linux on a completely separate hard drive and my windows on another hard drive, grub is totally on the linux drive so when I boot my pc I immediately go into the boot order screen pick the hard drive and off we go, one extra step to take but so worth it for me and peace of mind.
I was following one of the horribly wrong scenarios last night on a forum the thing is so many people begin to panic and then do really stupid stuff that makes it even worse!

My linux guru unfortunately does not live near me he is Ill. and I am in Texas. He was here visiting for Christmas when we were doing the install. I need to find someone local or at least a local LUG and go to a few meets. If you are new to linux that is a great thing to do look up for your area any LUG linux user groups and go to the meets, most have install day where you can bring in your system and get help with the install.

Nearandwest I personally have not used Suse at all but my guru used it for some time and liked it. I am surprised at their choice for the class is this at a university?

I can not stress enough if going to dual boot BACKUP BACKUP BACKUP AND THEN DO IT SOME MORE! and not on to the same drive!!!

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I've never understood why people have any interest in using linux outside of an enterprise setting. Especially on a PC with a serviceable Windows install.

Is it just as a way to play with the PC in a different way? Surely there's no payoff given the complexity to learn and the dearth of software choices. Or maybe I'm missing something?

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ravencajun Zone 8b TX

I use Linux daily, rarely use windows, I do absolutely everything you do on your windows pc. Would you ask the same question of a Mac or Apple computer? No difference really.
It is simply another operating system. Many are now using Linux dailies and not even thinking about it... Android! How many have phone and tablet that are android? Well if so you are using Linux too.
To me using Linux is actually much easier than windows in many ways.
Just try a Linux live cd no installation just see how it looks and feels you may be surprised. I know I was those many years ago that I decided to take the plunge. And so glad I did.

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I think you missed my question. If you walked into someone's kitchen and saw them cooking on a Coleman camp stove, sitting on the counter next to a fully functioning range, you'd say " Why use the camp stove, doesn't the range work fine?"

That was my question. If a PC has Windows on it, I don't get (and would be interested to learn) what a dual boot setup, or even fully nuking Windows, offers.

Though a non-user, I know a fair amount about it (because of a hobby in a PC related endeavor where linux is an option). I know some people use it, and I've never understood why (other than in situations where the original OS is damaged and not available to reload)

If a Mac owner nuked OS X and put on linux (if such a thing were possible), yes, I'd ask the same question - What did you accomplish by doing that, you already had a functioning OS? The fact that linux is used for most servers, is the underpinning of Android and OSX, and is also used on many other embedded systems is really irrelevant. It's almost invisible as a desktop OS, applications are very limited. (Yes, I know about Wine. But if you decide you don't need Windows, you don't need Wine). What's gained?

Hope I explained my question better. Thanks in advance for the edification.

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I tend to agree with Snidely, having paid for Windows in any flavour why use anything else? Of course old computers can have a new lease on life with Linux.

I have installed and removed Linux often enough but never felt impressed enough to stay with it.

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Yes raven, it is being used in a community college course as part of an Associate degree program. The course is offered as a basic introduction to Linux.

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Ubuntu is Free and so any other Linux distro. (Saved ~ $250)
You don�t have to buy Office (Word, Power-point, Excel etc.) separately. It comes with OpenOffice preinstalled. (Saved ~ $200)
You don�t have to buy costly hardwares for the basic need. (RAM. Processor, HDD etc.)
Ubuntu is more stable.
You are free from Viruses so you don�t have to buy another upgrade of Norton or any other Antivirus software. (Saved ~ $75)
When you have installed Ubuntu, you don�t have to install anything else to get you started with your productivity.
You don�t have to wait for years for the bugs to get fixed. You can track them down in Ubuntu.
You can update everything on your system with just one update manager. No need to run separate Update manger for all the softwares you installed. (Saves your system resources.)
Don�t get tired restarting your computer all the time. You do it almost never with Ubuntu.
You are free from Pirated softwares. With Ubuntu you can share it with as many people as you want and it is LEGAL.
Don�t have to bother searching the web for new softwares. Ubuntu gets a whole lot of software free of cost to you.
Play hundreds of games for Free.
Your PC won�t get slower day by day. It happens in Windows only.
Use MSN, AIM, ICQ, Jabber, Gtalk, Yahoo and many more with a single program. No need to install separate software for the same thing.
Tired of managing multiple windows on your screen. You can use workspaces to manage your work.
You old computer will get a second life. Because Ubuntu does not need those high resources as Windows.
Jump into the next generation of desktop themes with Compiz fusion and all with lot less resources than Windows Vista.
With Ubuntu, you are always free. Free as in Freedom and in Free Beer. Ubuntu is free and will always remain free. (Saves ~ $200 every 2 years when Microsoft releases a new version of its operating system and you have to buy it.
All future upgrades of Ubuntu are provided free of cost. Upgrades are released every 6 months.
Upgrades are installed automatically. You don�t have to bother about losing your data and redoing lots of personalization. *Edit* The updates are installed with your permission and only if you want them�not in the background without you knowing it. � Thanks freeber � A Ubuntu User
You can tweak your desktop wallpaper or any other setting the way you want it. You can make it look like Windows or Mac (if you want.). You can even get the sidebar you were fascinated in Vista.
You don�t have to defrag your hard disk every now and then to boost the performance. Ubuntu does it for you automatically.
You don�t have to go to a shop to buy operating system. You can download it anytime you want it and burn it on a CD. You can even burn it on a re-writable CD to save some CDs.
Thousand of user are there to help you with when you are stuck. Become a part of Ubuntuforums.
You will get free and Long Term Support (LTS) for Ubuntu. Ubuntu 8.04 Desktop version also will get a LTS.

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ravencajun Zone 8b TX

That covered a lot of it! LOL

I can only speak for myself. I just simply prefer to use Linux. The security aspect is high on the list. The ease of use and all the programs i need are right there and free in fact I use a lot of them with windows now also since they have a windows version. I like not having to reboot basically ever unless you want to. Getting updates for every thing from one update manager and again no reboot!
It runs so much faster, and uses less resources. The upgrade to new version of the os is easy. I also like the look of it, it is amazingly configurable. As I said I rarely use windows, I have a laptop for my husband with windows 7 which he uses and I have to maintain. My desktop has a hard drive with xp on it but I honestly can't remember the last time I booted that drive.
I look at it the other way I don't understand why more people don't use Linux as their main os, why spend money there put the money into into other things like a nice monitor or better hardware.
I have several times had friends and visitors ask if they could use my pc for a few minutes to check email or look something up etc, after they are done I say how long have you been using Linux, of course they say never, when I tell them that they were just using Linux they are astounded. They would not have known had I not told them. I have had several of them ask me to help them set it up and they have all stuck with it.
I know it is not for everyone.
Myself personally I just enjoy it.
In all my years of using it I have never experienced a crash, lock up, unexpected shut down or blue screen. I can't say that for windows.
It is what it is, a personal choice.

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Richard (chuggerguy)

I first tried Linux when I was bored, had time on my hands and wanted to learn something new.

Somehow though, it's become like an old broken in pair of boots. It fits, it works, it does all I routinely do, and it does it well.

The first time I installed Debian and opened the package manager I was astonished by the shear number of packages. And even more impressed by the fact that all those packages were "Free", written by members of the community, voluntarily giving their time to improve an OS they believed in. And it's all totally free. free to use, free to inspect, modify, improve, and distribute. Here you go: http://www.gnu.org/philosophy/free-sw.html I truly like the community aspect, even if I don't have the expertise to contribute myself. Not only do I love the idea, I love the result.

Maybe it's because it's written by people that actually use it, more thought went into it? Or because there's more input?

In day to day usage, I'm still impress by even simple little things like... when I hit "Print Screen" an image file appears on my desktop. No opening "Paint", pasting it in, and saving it. Minor perhaps but that's just the start.

In Windows if I want to save a portion of text from a web page, I highlight the text, copy it, open notepad(or other), paste it in, and save it. In Linux I highlight the text and drag it onto my desktop and it creates a text file for me.

In Linux, if I want to strip the audio from an mp4 Youtube video I downloaded I right-click it, select "Open with... Sound Converter", click convert, and I have my mp3. In Windows, I don't know. Maybe use Avidemux but that's more steps. dbPoweramp does it with a right-click but that's not free.

I like being able to drag a URL out of my browser onto one of my panels.(At least in my older Ubuntu) Saves me cluttering up my bookmarks toolbar when it's something I just want to read/watch and delete. Just a simple little thing, suppose I could drag it out onto the desktop in Windows, and have, but I still like the Linux method better.

I don't know a lot of bash, but I appreciate it's power, and occasionally use it. I save my scripts in a public directory since I can never remember them.

Here's a simple one: for f in *.JPG; do mv "$f" "`basename "$f" .JPG`.jpg"; done

Lowers the case on the ".JPG" files that come off my camera. Fun stuff.

In Linux I can quickly and easily, all from my package manager, install Apache, MySQL, PHP, perl, c, c++, w3af, Zenmap, Wireshark, Audacity, Avidemux, and the list goes on and on.

38,664 packages! All in one safe convenient spot.

Good packages even. :)

Linux is not for everyone. The only way I got to like it was by using it. Now, I wouldn't choose anything else. Knowing I partially paid for an OS that came on a new computer is not reason enough to get me to run it.

That's just me though. I suspect OS preference is just that, a preference. They all run, run the one you like, not just the one they stuck on the machine you bought Try Linux and like it, try Linux and don't like it. Either way, no big deal, it's free. :)

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I'll agree with most of the points presented by Canibus and Chuggerguy but.......

95% of computer users buy a factory built machine so the operating system is purchased along with the computer. For most why reinvent the wheel? This particular forum has precious few who build their own computers, these are the ones who would save money.

Smart advertising convinces many that MS Office is needed, for the vast majority it is not, there are free alternatives including Open Office. Wordpad is included in every version of Windows and is probably sufficient for most people's needs.

Any and all safety programs are free for those who want them.

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I agree with Owbist's summary. Owbist, by the way, where does your use of "flavour" come from? Canada, or somewhere even more exotic?

Canibus, you're obviously enthusiastic (which is great) but some of your comments are silly and others are quite wrong. But that's ok, enjoy what you do.

I think raven said it all with "it is not for everyone". Linux allows people (who are so interested) to play with the innards and workings of their PCs. That's a good thing. As owvist said, most people buy their PCs whole and wish to use them as an appliance or tool, with little interest in the guts of what's going on. While there are some good linux packages available, a fair bit of the software is amateur-produced and often inferior to what's available for the two mainstream OS's.

Linux's desktop market share is barely measurable but its users are very loyal. Nothing wrong with that. Efforts to evangelize about its use have mainly been unsuccessful. That says to me "you can't give it away".

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Snidely, I am originally from the UK but in my early thirties I left with my wife and daughters for a better life in Canada. After 44 years here I still hang on to my roots in many ways.

Canadian spelling has taken a severe beating with the advent of computers and the spread of MS Office but I stubbornly hang on, ha ha.

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I used to be kind to my Windows user friends. I would help them fix their machines anything from mismatched device drivers to non-functioning apps. Now, I am much kinder to them by refusing to fix their Windows but offering to change their OS to PCLinuxOS. It saves me all the bum rap deals of these same people coming back three, six months later with the same problems. Most of them would just say thank you and go elsewhere. For about a couple of years, I've only been able to help three friends by installing PCLinuxOS on their computers. Whether it was good for them or not, I don't know.

I know the lines ... users' choice ... but we are not really helping them out by continuing to install their
wretched OS. We are not helping ourselves either. We are just wasting our time with their trashy OS. The
only one benefiting from the helping Windows users is Microsoft.

Advocate the use of Linux instead. If they our friends insist on using Windows, they can go to the
authorized Windows repair shops ... and that should put a bit of sense into them.

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Looks like everybody has valid arguments. The mssg I get is if you want to do linux you should be a Red Hot, or have a Resident Personal Linux Guru, or stick with Windows. How bout a compromise.

I will use linux for online stuff and keep my Windows XP computer offline so I can run my MS Works 4.0 Checkbook Program, MS Works SS and Wordpad. Transfer info with a thumb drive. Only problem will be HRBlock TaxCut but maybe I can buy an (ugh) Mac for that :-).

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Well, I finally got Ubuntu installed. The problem was defective memory. I put new sticks in and it worked. I asked he previous owner and she said Yes, it was working great until I couldn't get it to start.....
I spent about 30 minutes upgrading the programs and now I will start tweaking to my usage.
My first question is how do you turn the computer off? Use the on/off switch on the front of the tower?

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Richard (chuggerguy)

Click the "gear" icon in the upper right corner of the screen. Amongst other things, it gives you options to "Log out..." and "Shut down...". If you're wanting to turn the computer off, select "Shut down...".

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If I recall correctly with Ubuntu you right click the desktop and it coughs up 2 or 4 choices how to shut Ubuntu down then when it gets done doing its thing you use the on/off switch.

Its been a while - maybe that's changed.

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Good morning folks.

Chuggerguy: Just like you said. Thanks.

Mxyplx: I appreciate your help, however, on Ubuntu 12.04 it doesn't work.

This has been a fun project, and I certinaly appreciate all the help from you folks.

I copyed my Address Book (.wab) from my X-P machine onto a flash drive and was unable to import it to the Ubuntu machine. It gave me many choices of types of files, but none that I recognized. Could someone help me out on this issue. After I get the address book set up, then I will installing my favorites. Like I said, a fun project, but it sure has been time consuming.

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In your windows email program there should be an option to export your address book which would give you options as to the type of file to use in exporting, comma separated,ldif, tab delimited. In your address book look for a tools tab, click it and look for the export choice. If you don't see it that way just look around. It should be there.

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ravencajun Zone 8b TX

right just use the export feature on the email client the most common type file to use for this is the comma separated, put that on your flash drive then put it into the email client where you want it.

That is one of the reason I prefer to use webmail these days it is usable from any pc.

If you use firefox as your browser just install xmarks on the xp pc and the ubuntu firefox then sync them and voila all your favorites are the same on both plus you have your own website to got to when traveling and you can access all your favorites from any where on any pc. I love xmarks.

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Hi folks,
Due to a problem with my X-P machine, I have put the Ubuntu project on the back burner. Please allow me to tell you about my new problem. X-P SP3, 1024 MB memory. Due to a connection related problem I talked to the folks at ATT. They got me back on line but the computer is very slow, it has not crashed, but it takes forever for the pages to load. Sometimes I type faster than the computer can load the images of the type, and I am a very slow typer. When going from one web page to another is seems like forever. When I try to click back to the former page, also takes a long time. Also, the pages load small and I have to enlarge them, nothing seems to work like it should.
Any and all ideas are welcome.

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Oops, I failed to tell about running Malwarebytes, Ccleaner, Spyware Blaster and Defragging the computer. Nothing showed up.

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Steve as you are on to a new issue I think you would be wise to start a new thread. This is already out to 40 plus posts so some folks (myself included) are reluctant to read all that before finding the new problem.

Were you installing the Linux on the same computer? If so check how much space is free on the hard drive. You need 25% or more for the swap file to work efficiently. Watch the LED activity light on the front of the tower, if it is constantly blinking or on solid that would be a good indicator.

At least running the scans you can assume the computer is clean.

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Owbist, thanks for the suggestion of a new thread.
The computer I am having problems with only has X-P.
Due to a problem with my X-P machine, I have put the Ubuntu project on the back burner. Please allow me to tell you about my new problem. X-P SP3, 1024 MB memory. Due to a connection related problem I talked to the folks at ATT. They got me back on line but the computer is very slow, it has not crashed, but it takes forever for the pages to load. Sometimes I type faster than the computer can load the images of the type, and I am a very slow typer. When going from one web page to another is seems like forever. When I try to click back to the former page, also takes a long time. Also, the pages load small and I have to enlarge them, nothing seems to work like it should. I have run Malwarebytes, Ccleaner, Spyware Blaster and defragged the computer...nothing bad showed up.

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