Problem with Secunia PSI

grandmsAugust 12, 2011

I had/have Secunia PSI installed on my XP, SP3 computer and have used it many times with no problem. Now, when I try to open from the icon or start menu, I get this message: "Unable to retrieve user ID from Secunia. Please verify that you are able to connect to and then restart the PSI."

I have done this and still get the message. I uninstalled, re-downloaded and re-installed and still get the same message.

I did run the online scan successfully, but I prefer the installed version if I can get it to work.

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First of can you connect to the site?

by pasting the link into the browser.

Check that the firewall is not blocking it.

Boot the computer to safemode with networking and try opening Secunia in that way.

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Yes, I am able to connect to the site, so that's why I'm puzzled. I will try safemode w/networking and see if I can open Secunia that way.

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Now I am purely baffled. I cannot get into Safe Mode with networking or even plain Safe Mode. The screens with drivers stop right away, and I know that there should be many of them. Then after a message that "we apologize...." I use F8 again, choose, and the same thing. If I do nothing more, it boots into Windows. So, I thought I'd try a system restore. I tried every date this week, even before the MS updates, and could not restore. Sooooo, not going to fool with this much longer. Maybe tomorrow or Monday I'll use my full backup and just restore the whole thing. All I'll need to do after that is the August MS updates. I'm wondering if one of the updates caused this problem as Secunia worked fine as recently as a week ago. Can't understand the inability to do the system restore, either. Nothing else seems amiss, and I just ran complete scans yesterday with Avast, SAntispyware, and Malwarebytes----all came up clean.

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ravencajun Zone 8b TX

you might try their forums and ask there if there are any known issues or conflicts.
Secunia Forums

they would probably appreciate knowing about any issues like that

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No help at the Secunia forum, so I just went ahead and did a full restore from my external HDD. Now Secunia is working. Have to do the August MS updates again. I'll do them one at a time and watch for any changes. If all goes well (will have to try System Restore again), I'll then do another full backup so I'll have these latest updates on my external drive.

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