Monitor died

luis_prAugust 6, 2013

I am using one of those TV Monitors on my old desktop and for the 2nd time, it died. Got a gray screen and now a black screen.

I had a Dell Monitor that came with the PC. A couple of years later, it died. Got a Samsung and it died after about 1-2 years of service.

These things are bad devices. What brands do y'all recommend?

I remember having a CRT Monitor for al most 20yrs and these die so quickly! Grrrr.

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If you still have the Samsung you might want to take it apart to see if it is just capacitors blown, happened to my 22 inch. Took the circuit board only and the guy fixed it for $10 while I waited. Visit Youtube and look for a video of that model and it'll likely show you how to dismantle the thing, quite easy really. No danger of shock like the old CRT monitors.

Also have a new 24 inch Asus, 3 HP (20.5 19 and 17) the 2 smaller ones are 5 x 4 plus a couple of Acers and they have all done me proud.

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Have all these failing devices been plugged into the same source? I'm wondering if there isn't a power source abnormality; bad line, bad receptacle, bad power strip/surge protector.


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Turns out the moinitor was fine after all. However, the video card failed and had to be replaced. Thanks for the suggestions!


Talk about poor timing - the day before I found out that the video card was THE problem, I bought two new 17" Dell Monitors for $25 from a Junior Achievement Sale where I work. Good prices but, ha, now I have two monitors that I do not really need. Will keep them as back ups though.

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