Help with Dimmer switches to use with LED Light bulbs

Central79August 21, 2013

We are building a new house in NC.

The electrician is recommending Pass and Seymour dimmer switches, either 600w or 1000w. I am wondering if the Pass and Seymour Harmony Tru-Universal Dimmer Switch would be better since we will have LED lights and I have read of incompatible dimmer switches and LED lights with flickering or poorly or not working dimmers.

Has any one used any of the above dimmer switches with LED light bulbs?

If so, what has your experience with any of the above switches?
Are they reliable? Have you had any problems? Can you recommend any of these switches?


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I know nothing of those but I'd highly recommend checking out Lutron CL dimmers for LED compatibility. They have a list of bulbs they've been tested with and are designed for LED dimming.

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Unless dimmer specifically states LED I wouldn't touch it.

You lights either will flicker, or will be 1/2 bright at the lowest setting.

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I have the lutron dimmers with cree cr-6 recessed cans. they work like a dream!

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lutron dimmers here too and they work fine

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We are also Lutron with our LEDs.

What I'd say is, if your electrician insists, let him use them with a written contract that if they don't work, he replaces them all on his dime and time.

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Thanks everyone!

We discussed with the lighting store and the electrician and got them on the same page and we will be using LUTRON dimmers.

Helpful as always.

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