need help asap with master bathroom/wet room

TFCwifeyNovember 9, 2012

Hi, we are in the process of building a house in CT. Framing is done and shingles are being put on now. We met with plumber today and did a walk through of the house. For our Master Bathroom we are having a partial Wet room (Shower and tub area combined behind Glass wall).

We were hoping to do his and her showers (one on the left wall and one on the right wall). A rain shower in the middle and 3 body jets on either right or left. I was also hoping to put in a bench to sit down on either side

Our dilema is the plumber told us that since the left wall is an exposed wall it wouldn't be a good idea because the pipes could freeze. Is there any way around that so the pipes wouldn't freeze? Or should I put the his and hers on the right side wall. Is there enough wall to do that with out it looking too cramped?

My father-in-law is planning on installing the tile. We need to find someone to waterproof the Wet room though. Does anyone know of someone in the Hartford, CT area who can do it?

I also need help with the vanity. I would like it to wrap around the wall under the window. I feel that would be too much wasted space if the wall between the vanity and glass is not utilized. I am a product junkie- so the more storage the better. I am also planning on a makeup section- so the countertop would be lower than the rest of the countertops. And possibly 2 towers. I would also like hidden 1 or 2 Laundry baskets in the cabinets.

Does anyone have any Cabinet suggestions? - we are between Diamond Vibe and Bertch. They will be White in color

I provided a picture below of the bathroom set up and hopefully enough dimensions.

If you have any suggestions on how to make this Master Bath fabulous I welcome them!!

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How can it be anything BUT fabulous?! I covet a bathroom that size, and I really like the floorplan. I don't know anything about pipes on the outside wall, so I'll just comment on the vanity. I am not sure wrapping the vanity around the corner will give you much benefit. You would lose useful storage space in the corner base cabinet (although could gain with a tower in the corner, above the counter level). You also lose a certain symmetry created by having the open area mirror the size/shape of the wetroom area. I just think it has a nice balance, and that vanity seems plenty long without adding to it.

Instead of cabinetry, have you considered a console table(vintage style - maybe with metal legs) or floating shelf(modern style) for the makeup area, with a pretty stool to go underneath?

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This is a nice set up - just what I'd like to have. The wet area is certainly large enough to put all the shower heads on the interior wall, plus a rain shower (although I might opt for the rain shower to be offset to the left toward the exterior wall instead of in the middle.). Perhaps a long moveable bench on the exterior wall end that could be used to sit under the rain shower?, sorry, that's my preference.

If plumbing is on the right wall, I'd also consider changing the hinge side of the door to the other side if code allows. That way you could reach in, turn on showers and get things warmed up in there before having to get in the shower.

Please keep in mind that if the plumbing is on the pocket door wall, that wall will be thicker than drawn, and therefore the window over the tub may/will not be centered if left where it is.

I also like the symmetry of the vanity and would not turn the corner. I would consider centering that window on the doorway, however, and also consider whether the door to the room is positioned in a way that will result in weird trim behind the door (enough room for the trim you are planning?)

Probably more input than you wanted...

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Thanks kmcg and RMSAustin. Thank you both for your responses. I love your ideas and suggestions. I did forget to mention that we have decided on no pocketdoor for the toilet.

If you would like to see where I got the vision for this bathroom please check out my pins on pinterest. I will insert links below, I can't figure out how to insert the pictures themselves from pinterest, I hope it works this is actually my first time posting to the site.

The link to to Kohler Reve tub is here:

I fell in love with this bathroom and wanted to mimic the idea of the tub and shower together:

The vanity idea with the makeup station came from here:

I need to check on the doorway and the trim situation- thanks for that I never even thought of it!!

And I think you might be right about the symmetry of the vanity.

Great idea about changing the way the door swings in!!! Didn't think of that either!! This is my first house building project so this is all NEW to me :)

Thanks again!!!

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I'm sure it will be visually stunning. But all I can think of is the large volume of space that will be cold and drafty while showering because there is so much cubic space that it never really warms up. And being PO'd that I'm cleaning soap scum off of a tub that never gets used. I would want the spaces separate, and to be able to be accessed separately as well.

As far as plumbing on an exterior wall, just add furring on top of the existing framing to create more depth to the wall for more insulation. It should already be a 2x6 wall if it was envisioned to be a wet wall. Making it a 2x8 wall will work to keep the water from freezing. It can also work visually to add the depth to "frame" the space visually with the jog in the wall depth.

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