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luis_prAugust 6, 2013

Got a W8 laptop with a touch sensitive screen. Humongous disappointment but had to get it. Not at all like the previous Windows 7 or XP.

I am having extreme problems trying to do everything and wanted to know

1. In IE, how does one save something to Favorites? It is not obvious

2. How can you edit the favorites more easily? I saw some favs that came with the pc but got tired deleting them. All the okaces I could click on with W7 are gone and there is no way to tweak them en masse. I recall once being able to click Favs below the File Menu and getting a list of all favs that was scrollable. Now there is no way to do that.

3, W7 and XP had some left/right buttons that could be used to go to the previous screen and next screen. I could also get a list of all the prev urls, up 5 or 19 at a time but cannot do that anymore.

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You have two IE's
a.. Tiles IE on the Start Screen.
b. The desktop version of IE.

It sounds like you are not really using the touch screen as a touch screen yet are using the Start/Tile Screen IE. ..Touch would be about the only real reason to use the Start/Tiled IE.

Try using the desktop version, it is much like what you are used to.

On both you touch or click on the Star to open favorites or on the desktop version you can view the menu bar by pressing the ALT key or righ clicking a blank spot on the top bar and selecting Menu bar to show full time or even Favorites bar.

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I have two IEs??? really?

What is a Start/Tile Screen IE? I am not sure I understood.

And how would I use the "desktop version"?

By the way, do you know how to close IE? I have to power down and start the PC to do that. Nothing I have tried sort of closes it. I end up making the font bigger or smaller instead.

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Put your mouse at the top of the Start Screen program tiles and drag the top edge to the bottom of the screen closes them. Or press Alt + F4 should work too.

Press the desktop tile... then you should see a desktop icon for IE. It opens the desktop version hopefully.

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At the risk of sounding real dumb, what is the desktop tile???

Is a tile one of those squares that is displayed in a group after the PC boots up? With program names inside?

Sometimes, when I booted up, a bunch of squares and rectangles appear together and they start programs when I touch them. They will have pgm names inside.

I used to touch one that had IE inside but it was not an user friendly IE. I have not seen anything else with IE in it.

But the squares with IE/etc no longer display any longer. I have no idea what I did but am now getting (when I boot up) a screen that looks like a desktop screen would look like in XP but with the PC Maker's Name (Toshiba) in the background and a handful of icons (Recycle Bin; Desktop Assist, etc). I think I ended here by touching one of the squares. But there is no (obvious) way to return back to the view that had all those squares. I tried touching from the left to the right and other combinations. No dice. Without the squares, I have not been able to get back into IE ever since (which is why I could not reply sooner); I am using another computer.

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When trying to learn a new system I always recommend the user get a beverage of choice, sit back, and ferret through the on-board Help. And, it doesn't have to be just once.

It is amazing how much is there both in the basic offerings, and in response to general keywords. Sometimes there are FAQs and troubleshooters available for review just in case.


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If you right click that desktop and choose 'New.... Shortcut.... type in .... "C:\Program Files\Internet Explorer\iexplore.exe" press next and name it IE.

Then you will have an Internet Explorer icon on your desktop.

If you press the 'Windows' key, it will switch you back and forth from Desktop to the new Modern/Tile screen.

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Oh fantastic. That did it. Thank you very much

One last ? that I have not figured out.... how do you turn off the computer with W8? So far, I just press the power button until the PC stops. Tried looking in the Task Manager but found nothing that would do a RESTART or SHUTDOWN.

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How do I shut down (turn off) my PC?

See link


Here is a link that might be useful: how do you turn off the computer with W8?

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