anyone have this instahot issue?

michoumonsterOctober 23, 2013

hi appliance experts, i was wondering if any of you have experienced this issue with the instahot water. I have the stainless steel quick n hot model made by anaheim. It has had this issue where if i turn the temp setting to max, I get sputtering and hot water flowing out of it on and off all day long. if I turn down the temp then i don't get this issue. however, I would like to have the water as hot as possible. is this by defect or a design? anyone else experience this? any solutions?

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I have the same issue with my Waterstone insta hot. The steam and pressure just need to escape, I guess. I try to keep it right below the level where it will sputter.

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nycbluedevil, thanks for your feedback. I am glad to know i am not the only one with this issue. I guess it is not defective then. just wish i could turn the temp up to max though! i will let you know if i find any other solutions other than turning down the temp.

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Fori is not pleased

Mine had that issue when first installed--it had been damaged by the GC not following instructions and running it dry or something. Are you sure yours is supposed to do that? I would definitely contact the manufacturer. Insinkerator CS walked me through a bunch of potential fixes (on a Saturday!) before sending a repair guy with a replacement.

Not impressed with my GC. Very impressed with Insinkerator.

Anyway, Insinkerator did NOT think sputtering was acceptable.

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Just checked mine with an instant read thermometer. Water is 186 degrees. I don't think it needs to be hotter. HAve you checked yours?

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fori, sounds like we had the same GC, lol! i definitely don't trust my GC's install. i will try to call anaheim manufacturing and see if they can help me troubleshoot. hopefully they will have as good customer service as insinkerator. keeping fingers crossed...

nycbluedevil, i didnt check my temp, but DH thinks it is not hot enough to make his french press coffee. i do find it a tad cool for my teas as well. since i add milk to my tea, i like the tea water to start off hotter.
i will troubleshoot it and see if it can be "fixed" first. it definitely isn't a big issue though.

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It is very common with these things. I have three of them in different houses, and they all do it.

All were installed by different people and have different faucets.

Monster - sounds like you have a perception issue. Get a sticker that says Max on it and place it to line up with the arrow on the knob at the point at which it doesn't sputter. Voila ! It's now at the hottest it can possibly be - with out sputtering.

Anything else is just semantics since the hottest water can be is at he point it turns to steam , and thats not going to be of much value to you.

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Mine does this all the time because I like it hot. Be forewarned that the unit may not last as long when you crank it up.

Be sure to rinse out your coffee maker and warm up your tea and coffee cups with water from the instahot; it helps with the cool down issue.

Just as hot water in the washer can substitute for more chemicals (detergent), the instahot is great for cleaning, esp. with a miracle cloth. We use it to soak dirty cookware.

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