Baking Bread in Wolf Convection Steam Oven

mcslaOctober 23, 2013

Hi Everyone -

I've seen a number of helpful posts here on the Wolf Convection steam oven, but I'm still not sure how to use my new oven for baking bread. I've tried two different approaches, both with less than stellar results.
I've been baking bread in an conventional oven for a couple of years, using a baking stone and various steaming methods, and was hoping I could dispense with the dangers of pouring (or spraying) water into a hot oven to make steam.

In my new steam oven I've tried the "auto steam bake" setting and the convection steam setting, but the bread did not look steamed - no shiny crust, no real expansion. I'm using my stone, which barely fits, preheating it and the oven, then putting in the bread and adding steam.

Do I need to throw out my old approach? The recipes in the Wolf manual don't say anything about preheating or stones - are these just getting in my way?

I'd appreciate hearing from anyone who's had more (and better) experience.

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I have not tried to bake bread in my Wolf Steam oven, so I am not 100% sure. But, being it is something new to you, why not try they way the recommend doing it rather than your old way and see how it turns out.

I don't pre-heat for other things I do in the steam oven and they turn out great. I also don't see the need for the stone in there for the bread, but I am not a bread baker/maker so that comment may be way off to be honest.

Personally I'd say give it a shot with the way they say to do it, even if it is with your own bread recipe, and see how it turns on then.

Please post back if you do try, I for one would like to know the results.


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I am also experimenting with my steam oven. I have made bread several times with auto steam bake. While the bread came out good, I agree, not fabulous. Last time I tried using the Wolf Gourmet "Bread" feature. I thought the bread turned out better and will use this feature again. One caution, once you selet "bread" you then select level of doneness (I think it was light, medium, dark). I selected medium and checked the bread once the aroma of freshly baked bread filled the kitchen. Happy I did as the bread was definately done!
Best of luck. I hope more owners share their baking and cooking experiences with the Wolf steam oven. I will say, so far I love it!

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Thanks MJ and Phil for your quick responses. I will try the Gourmet setting next, and see what happens if I don't preheat.

I just wish their documentation was clearer about the meaning of their settings. (For example - how much steam do you get when you use the convection steam setting?) I'm considering making the one-hour drive to one of their classes in December. If I learn anything helpful I will fill you in.

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I have been to a cooking demo for Wolf, twice actually, and you can ask a lot of questions there for sure. I have not been to a specific class, which I think would be even more helpful.

Heck if you do the dinner it is worth it just for the great food!

Keep us posted and best of luck to you.


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