Garage Door Windows

wu343August 30, 2012

I just got the estimate, and it will cost about $550 extra to add windows to the garage doors on our new home. Is this worth it? The garage does have windows on a different wall so we dont need them for light, although additional natural light wouldn't hurt. Does anyone have pictures of wood color/grain garage doors without windows?

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If you want them I would say go ahead and get them now. I really didn't focus on the garage and earlier this week went out to price windows for our 16x7 door. Your estimate is dead on as the price for the panel with windows(they only come insulated) was $550 + tax. Seems kinda crazy when Clopay is actually running a special thru Home Depot right now that if you buy the door right now for $550, you get the windows for free! You may want to check with Home Depot and if you can purchase your own garage door, you can take advantage of the offer and get free windows!

Now would be the time if you are wanting the carriage door look to decide if you want your large garage door to look like one big carriage door or two seperate carriage doors. If you want the look of two doors you will need to get two sets of hardware for the door and inform your builder before they start drilling holes for the handles. My garage door was drilled for a single set of hardware and I want two sets so know I have a panel that will be useless because it has already been drilled.

I surely wish I would have thought about this awhile back as I have the double garage door plus a single car garage door so windows are going to cost me eventually! :( Kinda of depressing for me but hopefully someone will learn from my mistakes! :)

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Annie Deighnaugh

I just don't like the look of a garage door without windows and they do add more light. We have windows in the garage and appreciate the added light from the doors too.

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I would skip the windows.

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Money better spent elsewhere as long as there is other natural illumination.

Great doors pps7! Complementary with the whitewashed brick. Real wood?

Custom MDF Doors Photo: heather Joy Investments Ltd.

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pps, those are dreamy. :) have you posted photos of your exterior before?

Ours don't have windows, and we don't miss them. There are two large windows that provide a lot of light already. In my previous home, there weren't any windows.... It never bothered me as I could just turn on the light or open the garage door. :) Of all the things that add cost to a build, that was one I couldn't agree to in either build. I spent my extra $550 elsewhere....

Whether you do the same depends on what matters more to you. :)

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Beth Parsons


Those doors are gorgeous! We're doing carriage style garage doors and are also omitting the windows. In the main garage, we'll have a triple plus a single window so it'll be plenty well lit as it is. We have to purchase four 9' doors for the attached garage and existing detached so saving that $$$ is a no brainer for us.

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Thank you for all the compliments! Yes the doors are real wood-cedar, finished with SIkkens Cetol 123.

lolauren, I've posted alot of pictures!

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We selected our garage doors so early in the process. If I could go back, I'd skip the windows. We have much larger windows on the actual garage so the windows on our doors are really more decorative. I would have spent that money elsewhere.

However, the garage in our current house has no windows. A door with windows would have been nice.

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I would skip the windows too. I have also heard they can be a security risk. Plus they get grimier than regular indoor windows . . . another thing to clean!

We have windows on the front of our garage and no windows on our garage doors. Ours are similar to pps7s except painted.

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Hi there, you can save costs by buying direct from a place like Home Depot, and then have a local pro install it. A brand they sell there is Clopay, and Clopay's website has a gallery of windowless wood garage doors here, so you don't have to pay more for custom doors:

Here is a link that might be useful: Photos of Wood Garage Doors

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